The Fallen Angel-Marionette of Super Bowl 51 & Transhumanism

By: Ryan Gable (c)

It is always appropriate to enter into an investigation with objective intentions, not restricted or confined by prejudices, emotions or any other form of deterrent, which may prevent one from a proper and balanced analysis. A simple question may be proposed: what is a symbol and what is their significance? Symbols may be anything from colors to animals and from insects to the very letters you read. Each has a unique characteristic with many different forms, expressed energetically by its own frequency or vibration. We proclaim to understand partly that our physical world is a mere illusion with holographic properties; an illusion whence is formed by vibration. Therefore symbols have a direct and indirect influence and may conceal or revealed, or do both simultaneously, information meant to be conveyed or preserved from degrading. Frequency or vibration can induce different certain mental states as does television viewing. These symbols are the language of the esoteric and secret doctrine, a text written in allegory with metaphor for preface and parable for appendix. These symbols may alter our energy fields when we connect or direct our attention towards them. During sex two forms of energy combine; the same energy found in a classrooms, business meetings, Cathedrals, and sporting events. The text of this reality is written as allegory with metaphor for preface and parable for appendix; the language used is the universality of symbols.


Secret Societies have used symbols to conceal their revered wisdom and knowledge, keeping it hidden rarely with malevolent intentions but so the vulgar and profane would not take literally what is meant to be deciphered with much greater care. Thus the reason in the study of theology or mythology we find the use of parable, allegory and metaphor. Stories are used to convey deeper meaning, while acting as mere entertainment for a majority they also act as sealed messages in a bottle, which may only be opened by those worthy of their understanding. The intended meaning behind an allegory or symbol is rigged with traps and we must ever be careful in their decipherment we don’t wander down a narrow corridor hoping to find treasure, but only to be trapped by false or misleading information. Secret Societies are not the only organized orders to utilize symbolism with intention as this is done by governments and corporations. Look around you to see the use of these symbols in everything from Target to the Starbucks logo utilizing the siren elemental Undine Melusine and crowned goddess with five-pointed star. Here is a brief list:

Sun Symbols denoting power, strength, light, intelligence and wisdom, with some incorporating the actual sun image or using the word:

Shell, BP, SUNoco, Gulf SUNTrust, DaysInn, Folgers, Walmart, and FritoLay, with Target and HBO using an ancient alchemical log for the sun known as the monad – a sacred circle with dot in the middle representing spiritual gold through the transformation of one’s base material self.

Winged Discs have been found in past Super Bowls and in company logos, derived from the very ancient world of Babylon and Egypt. The central disc often depicted a god or sun-disc that equally represented the power of the sun. This center further represents a transitional point between the wings of spirit and matter – the two superior and inferior worlds:

Bentley, Harley Davidson, Mini, Aston Martin, Chrysler, Southwest Airlines.

The symbolism of the pyramid, triangle or temple with rising sun is used widely denoting the Great Work of the philosophers in search of the elixir or life or Philosopher’s Stone. This process was to transform base metals into gold or more literally to conquer one’s animal nature, slaying the beast or dragon of desire, and transforming from base substance into spiritual gold. The unfinished pyramid or temple is symbolic of the unaccomplished work in each individual and within society. It represents an incomplete and imperfect structure, waiting for the final bricks to be laid; those bricks made either by the refining of certain qualities such as thought, action, emotion, or by the perfecting of the entire self as to be a brick for the foundation of a more utopian society:

Regions, CFE, Fidelity, Adiddas, Citgo, Mitsubishi Motors, Valvoline, Iron Mountain, VW, CAT, Looms, AOL.


The importance of the pentagram or five-pointed star is not to be vulgarized by the profane! It is the perfect symbol of intelligence and may be found in Chrysler, Walmart, Texaco and Sirius Satellite Radio, very appropriate considering the use of a dog as their logo. The dog is Sirius, the Dog Star or Canis Major following Orion the Great Hunter – Osiris.

Other sacred symbols include the Cross, found used as a double bar Eastern Crux by Exxon, Nabisco and Oreo, which also incorporates twelve Maltese crosses like that of King Arthurs’ round table. The Mandorla (Vesica Piscis) is the intersecting point of two circles or separation of source into two halves as cells divide after conception. It also represents the Upper and Lower worlds of heaven or hell. We find used by Gucci, DC Shoes and Master Card, as well as a blending of this symbol by Pepsi, who sponsored the Super Bowl 51 Halftime Show.

The Secret Societies always receive such a damning identification in our modern world obsessed with that which is sensational. With a traditional belief in the innate ‘good’ and independence of mankind they have been in conflict with governments and institutions vying for power with the dogma that mankind is innately ‘sinful’ in need of fatherly guidance. This latter form of governance assumes that all are unable to take care of themselves and offer mere conforms of body and mind in substitute of facing the necessary evils of life and using these experiences to pick yourself up and grow as a spirit/soul having a human experience. The differences are between guidance and freedom opposed to absolute rule and tyranny, most secret schools of thought being identified as the inverse of the former while governments or religious institutions identified themselves by the inverse of the latter using fear or intimidation.

To step back into the theme of symbols overall is to address their influence on the sub conscious. Most of us have been conditioned through some means to immediately identify some of the most profound, archaic, ancient, intelligent and wise symbols as being those of evil. Inversely false prophets and Black Magicians have provided us misleading interpretations to other symbols: those magicians attempting to bend the laws of nature and others to their will.

COMMERCIALS – Transhumanism & AI

The Super Bowl is one of the most watched television broadcasts every year not just in the United States, but around the world. This provides an excellent stage for pushing political agenda or often those of a perverse nature. There will undoubtedly be an agenda pushed by the NFL, athletes, Corporations in commercials and performers. By utilizing symbols we find a way into the sub conscious mind by programming at a deep level what we think and how we view ourselves or the world overall.

Although most watch the modern Gladiator sport in likewise magnificent Coliseums while the Roman Senate is putrid with corruption and having our circuses feast on our bread with feasts, others watch simply for the commercials. This is one of the only times viewers intentionally pay close attention to advertisements! There were two commercials in 2017, which mocked these facts; they were the secret society commercial where members of a group gathered to talk about a ‘fake’ moon landing and subliminal messages in advertisements before selling you avocado dip. The other was a Sprite segment that blatantly mocked subliminal messaging using subliminal messages that were much more obvious to the conscious mind through humor, while allowing the deeper sales pitch to sink in.

There were also very strong political ads aimed at delegitimizing the current President Donald Trump, a supposed ‘outsider’ to the elite. Although the intent of this article is not political, there is a line which must be drawn when addressing the reason for attacks upon Trump as opposed to his actions. There was a hair commercial mocking the President, along with an Audi and Anheuser Busch bear spot. Audio used their multi-million dollar slot to propose the misogyny of Trump and women’s rights while Busch used their founder’s immigrant status to attack the Presidents locking down of the countries boarders momentarily to gain control over the massive influx of illegal immigrants granted free healthcare, cars, homes, college, etc., while hard working Americans suffer.

COMMERCIALS – Transhumanism, AI, Big-Business & Propaganda

Commercials during the 2017 Super Bowl incorporated and pushed another agenda entirely and that is what we may term Transhumanism. The proposed merging of man with machines, accompanies with promises that we will become superhuman. One need only observe the average ‘smartphone’ user with screen addiction, gratification-like drug addiction through chemicals in the brain when a text or notification appears, and even text-neck, a condition where our bodies are beginning to mutate and deform, to notice the technology has already made us far inferior. Meanwhile attention spans have dropped below eight seconds as of 2013, while being twelve in 2000. Equally our IQ numbers have dropped overall by more than fourteen points in the last century. Some may suggest that technology is therefore bad or not a positive attribute of society. Yet it is not technology that is dangerous, only those using the technology without proper spiritual growth. Those unaware of self will be lost in further virtual worlds and augmented realities, stepping ever further into the cave of Plato. If we do not develop our inner qualities alongside of these technologies such as artificial intelligence then the technology no longer works for us, we work for it. As we delegate more resources, time and wealth into developing automata, AI, VR, AR, etc., we propose this will make life easier due to the deteriorating nature of our society. Few stop to address the lifestyle we live or the methods by which we define success or failure. Even fewer are able to break programming and recognize their power as an individual, instead choosing to immerse themselves in lower sub-realities without even a basic philosophical approach taken in understanding the so-called reality they were born, or rather died, coming from the First Great Death in the spiritual spheres. There is of course great benefit to technology in brain chips and artificial limbs, but balance must be attained or the entire structure collapses – a cornerstone of Masonic philosophy.

One may find it interesting public relations that in commercials for most products or services people were depicted as overweight or heavy, as in the Febreze spot, but in the Coke spot, everyone seemed to be healthy and happy. This is very important considering the not exclusively American obesity problem, a global crisis being entirely ignored with symptoms treated by delusions of ‘fat free’ products or ‘diet’ drinks that cause more weight gain and other severe health problems with artificial sweeteners that act as neuro or excito-toxins. It is even ironic considering one of the greatest named quarterbacks in football history, Tom Brady, who has spoken on this subject himself, was game MVP while winning his record fifth Super Bowl. He and his personal associations have come under scrutiny for eating healthy, which in some fields is now considered a mental disorder termed Orthorexia Nervosa, described as a concern for eating healthy or of those who are pre-occupied searching for nutritious foods. Here we have yet another inversion of reality as if searching for nutrient dense food is a psychological disorder, but basing your happiness on a Gladiator sport such as the Super Bowl is not?

Here is what Tom had to say regarding Big-Soda and Big-Food:

“You’ll probably go out and drink Coca-Cola and think, ‘oh yeah, that’s no problem.’ Why? Because they pay lots of money for advertisements to think that you should drink Coca-Cola for a living? No, I totally disagree with that…the fact that they can sell [Coca-Cola] to kids? I mean, that’s poison for kids.”

“I think we’ve been lied to by a lot of food companies over the years, by a lot of beverage companies over the years. But we still do it. That’s just America…We believe that Frosted Flakes is a food.”

The 2017 Super Bowl breaks were filled with commercials for the Marvel television show Legion about mutants and superhumans from X-Men. This cross is that which many were crucified and was popular to Egyptian adepts whom wore the Crux Ansata, or Ankh, which means life or life bestowing. Many ancient gods may also be found to carry this sacred symbol, which has a circle above the central bar. From the cross we derive the four seasons and elementals of fire (Salamander), Air (Slyph). Earth (Gnome), and water (Undine). We may also understand those archaic renderings of Osiris partially encased in linen with head protruding above, an image of intelligence present also in the four points of the pentagram with fifth rising above the others, signifying unity of force over these elements. According to Eliphas Levi, what the Magi term the “signature of Lucifer” is composed of emanating beams of light from crucified man. From the Ankh or Cross we can derive the letter (t) written in both lower case and the upper case form of a Tau Cross (T). Turning the letter or better referred to symbol on its side provides us with an (X) that of which initiates were crucified to in certain Mysteries. Equally interesting is the Roman tradition of using TAU crosses rather than lower case (t) models. Draw a square around the (X) and you are given four triangles, or the downward observation of the sacred pyramid. Do the same to the small (t) to witness the four quadrants and also the aforementioned elementals of fire, air, earth and water: Salamanders, Slyphs, Gnomes and Undiness. Divination by these four elementals have the names: Aeromancy, Hydromancy, Pyromancy, and Geomancy. Their metals are as follows: Gold and Silver – Air: Mercury – Water; Copper – Fire; Lead – Earth. Interestingly out of these elemental spirits we have witnessed a transition to modern scientific language now referring to water as hydrogen, air as oxygen, and fire as nitrogen while earth has rudimentarily stayed the same. Even God with human characteristics has undergone this transformation into a scientific particle!

Legion was preceded and followed by advertisements for Samsung virtual reality. A note about this VR is important, as with virtual reality we may experience any reality. Instead all we were given a glimpse of was a war simulation with firefights and explosions. If we are going to hijack our sense why not take us somewhere beautiful or mystifying. Why take yourself out of a world saturated in destruction and conflict to put yourself in the middle of that very world while claiming VR is an escape from reality. It is used as an immersion in more of an illusion – an immersion in Plato’s Cave, not a way out!

There were numerous commercials centered on Google Assistant AI and Amazon Echo, two devices that monitor and typically record all audio in its surrounding environment. This means conversations you think are private are actually being recorded. Samsung will even explain this in detail on their website about their ‘smart’ televisions: “Please be aware that if your spoken words include personal or other sensitive information, that information will be among the data captured and transmitted to a third party through your use of Voice Recognition.”

Other similar commercials included an AI from H&R Block named Watson, which was personified by the cube of matter, which will become more appropriate soon in this writing. There were movie trailers from Transformers which features the AllSpark, a cube that brings life to machines, where the words “your world is dying” are used, appropriate seeing that organic life is either intentionally or unintentionally destroyed by chemicals, war, disease, machines, genetic modification, etc.

Even a simple advertisement for oil from the American Petroleum Institute featured a brief image of a woman pulling the wire of an arrow back with her robotic arm.

Another similarly simple advertisement from Ford flashed briefly their work towrads self-driving vehicles, which would be done by computers and AI, eventually elimianting drivers entirely through driverless methods.

Lexus aired a commercial in similar standing with the erroneous notion that mankind will become superhuman, with the statement “machines don’t have emotions, but the [name of car] can inspire them.” During the spot a dancer is split screen with half of his body fused with parts of the machine or car. An article published by even refered to the commercial as being like a “Sia Music Video.” Here is a singer songwriter who embodies the classical elments of what might be termed ‘Hollywood Mind Controll’ or ‘Project Monarch Mind Control’. She may be called a ‘sex kitten’ by others, but her videos are highly occult, hiding a deeper coded meaning, sepcially laced with iamges of one eye covered while the other remains visible and in a video ‘Chandelier’ a girl dances in an all body suit, elminating besides her head and face any form of gender identifiaction. This is how transgender movements are being used to usher in a world through acceptance of sexual idnentiy where there will be no sex indentification! Thus we find the proposed elimination of conventional sexes to keep people confused and dumb about language and their biological identity. This prevents procreation and ends the organic cycle of life where new humans may be born with permission or application, as propsed by eugenicist and founder of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger, or by synthetic means through genetic alteration. In the same video this young girl also displays the lifting of one eye open and one closed.

One of the first and maybe most significant commercials was for Ghost in the Shell, a film with pyramid or triangle in front of the main character on the movie poster. This is a film about a human-cyborg hybrid that works with a task force to thwart cyber criminals, then fights an enemy poised to sabotage the artificial intelligence technology of Hanka Robotics. Perhaps the most profound moments was expressed towards the end of the commercial relating to technology as a savior for mankind: “They did not save your life, they stole it.”

All the former commercials were also accompanied by a short spot for Intel drones, which were an integral part of the opening Super Bowl Halftime show ceremony: “a formal religious or public occasion, typically one celebrating a particular event or anniversary.” One may also refer to this as a ritual: “a religious or solemn ceremony consisting of a series of actions performed according to a prescribed order.”


As the NFL lost viewers in 2016-2017, the Super Bowl has still grown in recent decades with influence. With the immediate and later attention focused on these intense Coliseum battles many lose further touch with what we may consider reality. While a majority of viewers watch the actual game, others tune in for commercials, while typically the Halftime show is reserved for a break at home or in the office too. Some people even turn their televisions down so they may talk at a party. Others tune themselves out for even more ‘mindless’ entertainment during the Halftime performance. Either way this is highly significant considering our understanding of symbols influencing the subconscious. In this way the Halftime performances, like commercials, have been used to push an agenda and display occult ceremonies or rituals.

As the idol of the ‘big game’ has grown so has the influences of these rituals, which are viewed on a global scale, similar to the Olympic ceremonies, as for example the 2012 London event. Along side has grown a general recognizing of these facts, where people such as myself are not longer alone in recognizing their significance. This also leads to vulgar or profane – sensational, fearful, unstudied or uninitiated – perspectives further muddying the waters of our perception as to what is taking place. Some of this is intentional, but most is rooted in fear and superstition, the children of ignorance, with the further advent of social media.

There must be a balanced perspective; one based on pure objectivity and not pre-conceived belief patterns. Just as many ignore the significance of the influence in Super Bowl commercials, commentary, or the Halftime performance, as those swinging unbalanced to the other extreme with a fear of the Illuminati or Satanic influence.

An archetype may be firstly derived from the game itself, which was similar in symbolism to Supr Bowl 50, the Golden Game, as described in my book The Persistent Illusion. In the Golden Game near the Golden Gate Bridge, Payton Manning and the Denver Broncos with their equally golden or solar horse defeated the Carolina Panthers and their black panther. Immediately came contrast of darkness and light, along with Manning’s symbolic death during the season, being out, only to rise forth like Osiris or initiates from the tomb to declare victory over the darkness! This rebirth was accompanied by floral patterns, sacred symbols such as the Flower of Life, and the Sun, which above stood crucified momentarily the singer Coldplay. Artist Beyonce also appeared with sacred golden cross standing in the center of the goal posts, or twin pillars, as the High Priestess sits with cross between Boaz & Jachin in the Tarot. In years previous we have also seen Madonna with headdress representing the Sabbatic Goat or Baphomet, while riding a chariot pulled by two sphinxes, yet another reference to the sacred Tarot named the Chariot. There has also been displayed a giant winged disc in the center of the stadium, other Egyptian imagery and equally so more symbols of the Eye of Providence, Eye of Horus, or Eye of RA, which is more significant relating to Lady Gaga’s performance in 2017.

The game itself featured the Patriots overcome by powerful red coats In the first half, only to begin a slow climb towards eventual victory after the 3rd period and Halftime ritual. Perhaps we have symbolic archetypes in the overcoming of tyrannical forces in the British, defeated by ‘Patriots’ that formed what we may call America. Subsequently the Halftime performance may be seen as the influence, constructive or destructive, good or evil, which may have influenced the building of the Nation. Here we may refer to the Secret Destiny, Great Work, or Bacon’s New Atlantis. However what may be most significant is what influence was honored at this performance, those secret orders believing in the independence of mankind or in his enslavement. The latter may suffice to say many Secret Societies were later infiltrated, their traditions, rituals, symbols, perverted for power or profit, while the true meanings were lost or went further underground. By the end of the third or triune period, the Patriots rose from the ashes like a great Phoenix, the Thunderbird of Native Americans or Benu bird of Egypt, and the Eagle of America, to defeat the Red Coats with one of the most profound comebacks in recent sports history. In this way Tom Brady was symbolic of General George Washington, depicted in one statue nearly identical to Baphomet, who made Patriots of America world champions. Notice the pentagram on the head of the goat is pointing upward towards the center path of illumination between the two horns – see Jesus and the two thieves. Conversely is the Devil Tarot with similar character, but take notice of the inverted pentagram and black cube for which he sits. His horns are even angled downward towards the two humanoid characters chained or in likeness crucified to the cube or cross of materiality.


 Black Magic is the employment of means by which are influenced by perverse will and intent. Black magic may be summed up in practice as the intent of selfishness opposed to White Magic and selflessness. In another sense it is the difference between obedience to God, following the laws of and working with nature, as opposed to working against these laws – God. Those performing acts of alchemy or bewitchment for pleasure or personal gain may never have full understanding of the powers of magic. The more terrible an operation, the more powerful, acting strongly on imagination. Thus became the practice of sacraments to reptiles, human sacrifices, and blood effusions.

It may conversely be understood that a human sacrifice is to be taken as a metaphor or allegory in the sense that one must sacrifice their lower animal nature in the process of alchemical transmutation. This is beneficial for the soul or spirit, but has been perverted by ignorance.

The 2017 Halftime was appropriately sponsored by Pepsi, a company along side of Nestle and Kraft, has literally worked with aborted fetal tissues to flavor their products. Other companies use Human Diploid Cells (HEK-293), which originate from human aborted fetal tissues, used in vaccines, and for the flavoring of food or drink. These companies partnered with a company called Senomyx in 2012, signing a $30-million use kidney cells from aborted human embryos to ‘test’ flavorings that go into their products. These ‘artificial flavor enhancers’ are not supposed to end up in the final product, but these companies also first denied they were even using them to ‘test’ for flavors. Even cosmetics contain parts extracted from fetuses and people smear these on their faces. Abortion is an equal form of Black Magic to many today, literally believing that by killing their baby they are honoring Lucifer, Satan or the Devil, an insult to God and the ‘greatest gift from God’ in that of a child. Here is why human sacrifices, mock or literal, were often carried out in caverns or crypts, a symbol of the female womb. Equally these locations, often called grottos were used in the cult of Mithra(s) to perform other sacrifices. The birth of Jesus in a stable is also a misnomer as he was born in a grotto within the story and as a sun god or sun of god, represented the rebirth or birth of the physical Sun bringing light and life back to a barren world on December 25th, the Winter Solstice (Yule)! Hence Yule logs, lights, venerated vegetation, etc.; of which are an integral part of Pagan, Wiccan or general Earth-rooted traditions.

Let us recall mention of Sia and mind control earlier in this writing, referencing the Monarch, a butterfly, which symbolizes the human psyche. In Egypt a bird symbolized this soul or spirit. In typical Hollywood fashion we witness the usage of ‘handlers’, strings of a puppet or mannequin. This indicates being out of control or conscious realization of your actions. These programs eventually lead to severe indentify issues and bizarre mental breakdowns unlike anything seen within any other industry, some being perhaps far more stressful than entertainment. How many world leaders have shaved their head, dyed their hair, and started talking about how handlers control their movements while their thoughts are controlled by a microchip in their brain. For those thinking in entertainment you have attention whores, and this is true, but there is a difference between Janet Jackson’s nipple exposure at a previous Super Bowl for attention, compared with Brittany Spears, Amanda Bynes, Lindsey Lohan, etc., acting as described above. In other words, Miley Cyrus dancing nearly nude on sex toys is for attention, but breaking down in similar manner to other Hollywood puppets is the program malfunctioning or wearing off, often, and in the case of Cyrus, from childhood – see Disney kids.

Lady Gaga began her performance in 2017 above the Houston football (Roman Coliseum) while drones powered by Intel buzzed around her head making stars and an American flag. She then proceeds to jump out of screen from the roof into the stage prepared on he field below. Held by harness, wires, and other mechanism this author is unaware of, she glided down like a puppet with someone literally ‘pulling the strings’. Here we have both reference to mind control ‘sex kittens’ and the lording over of the masses by what this controversial singer represents often in her work. Meanwhile as the Gladiator crowds are entertained with blood-sport and provocative music, much of which is difficult not to hum even if you dislike it, indicating purposeful manufacture of sounds able to influence our likes and dislikes, equally implanting thoughts or subliminal messages.

Obey – Consume – Conform

Humans only see within a small portion of the electromagnetic spectrum, which creates our collective reality through white light. Neuroscientists from the University of San Diego, California, have found that by using this light to activate neurons in the brains of rats, false memories could be induced, indicating the use of the same technology on the brain by this or other means. Certain electromagnetic frequencies have also been found to can induce riotous behavior or depression. In watching these massive Gladiator rituals in huge Coliseums, while consuming our Super Bowl feasts, giving us an indication of the old Roman Bread & Circuses.

Lady Gaga lowers from the roof of the stadium, brought to a semi-independent rest upon one of two towers making up the main stage. In order with the flames, smoke, jagged scenery, and menacing flaming towers, she wields a staff, an indicator of power or otherworldly influence.

This staff was difficult to decipher, but it has several points, eight of which refer us to a Star Tetrahedron, also known as the Merkabah, which represents the ten qualities of the tree of life in the mystic Cabbala. The staff would also be important if this were the infusion of two pyramids, one upright with base in the inferior world and one downward with base in the superior. This would be Solomon’s Seal or Symbol.

The head of the tree of life in the Cabbala is known as Kefer, the Crown, which means father. It is a cosmic-spiritual vehicle for the soul and is known as the ‘Chariot of God’, giving way for His Kingdome to descend from Heaven and enter into the souls of man. It essentially creates a throne or temple given by the Lord to Jesus for the establishment of his Kingdome on Earth. In this manner we may see the perversion of the heaven in the hellish version depicted at center field.

Lady Gaga thus becomes the fallen angel, descending from heaven expressing freedom, entertainment, fun, otherwise summed up as debauchery, while being a servant and having her own handlers as she deceives the ignorant faithful with Black Magic.

The two towers are sacred in many ways; we find these twin towers in Lord of the Rings, Solomon’s Temple, the Islamic Holy City of Mecca, and in Gothic Cathedrals. We find direct connections here to the three largest World religions in Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Their symbols and what influences their followers with strict obedient doctrine are the not so exclusive Cross of Christianity, Black Ka’aba of Islam, closely related to Kabalah (Cabbala), and Star of David, actually the Sigil of Saturn derived from the magical cube of Saturn. This Magic Square has three columns and three rows, containing the numbers one through nine. Each row and column adds to equal the number fifteen, which in numerology represents six – we may recognize 666 here. This Sigil provides us with two triangles interlaced or the Star of Saturn. On the North Pole of Saturn has been photographed an incredible storm rotating in the shape of a hexagram, which geometrically becomes a cube. This cube may also be derived from the Cross when folded into segments, the black cube at Mecca where Muslims act as rings and circle in a sacred manner, and the black Tefillin cube worn by the Jews. We can also recall the black cube of the Devil Tarot. Out of the three major religions we find usage of the same symbols in different forms, but all emanating the same intelligent energy! Saturn is the god of destruction and resurrection, controlling time and forming matter. He places in us the seeds of our destruction which is often why images and myth depict the character eating children, although taken literally by many who may also perform similar acts, is yet another misunderstood secret teaching. He is Father Time and the Grim Reaper with scythe ready to cut down the yearly harvest and provide life for man, which is why bread is consumed in his name in similar fashion to the Eucharist. In this way he is the Green Man of the Celts and the Grand Architect with long white beard; he is Ptah forming the world from clay and mud on a potter’s wheel.

We may pause a moment here to examine the logo of the other Halftime Show sponsor Alpha Romeo cars. Their logo is awash in symbolism from the crowned serpent, the Prince Lucifer consuming a human, perhaps in reference to the false light devouring our spiritual nature, and the Red Cross with white quadrants. Of course the Red Cross is the flag of St. George, used by the organization by that name, and various others. The old Rosicrucian order of alchemists and physicians comes to mind, that of the Rose Cross, and the crosses worn by Knights Templar. The insider circle may be interpreted to be a globe encompassing the four quadrants, elements, seasons, etc., the outside circle a set of rings or one ring, perhaps in reference to Saturn. Serpents symbolize wisdom and are usually perceived as the Garden snake tempting the ‘first’ woman Eve – this story eliminates Lilith – with the forbidden fruit, which like realization of self, desire, led to a decline in the goodness of man; the serpent consuming the human fits into this story by this and many subsequent ways.

From the Lord of the Rings, we may also derive reference to the planet or intelligence of Saturn. In the movie is depicted Sauron’s eye (Eye of RA) held by a tower between two horns, similar to twin towers and identical of the two horns of the bull or age of Taurus. As Lady Gaga lowers onto the tower, she as always personifies the goddess. The queen of the world is Isis, who personifies the apex of the pyramid or all seeing eye. This eye sits on the tower as Sauron and Lady Gaga represents this energetic intelligence or Saturn. These horns are also worn by Isis, Hathor or Venus, who appears as both the morning and evening star and is associated rightfully with Lucifer the light bearer and the pentagram since She rises in the western sky for four years as the evening star and four years in the east as the morning star. Eventually this pattern traces out the sacred symbol of intelligence and the four elements. We find reference also to the Rose window between the pillars of the church, sun-disc held by wings, and the center path of the Buddah. We may find truth between two opposing forces that are necessary for coherent and logical understanding of truth. Why otherwise would Jesus, the way the truth and the light, be crucified between two thieves!

The images of the twin towers on stage upon which Lady Gaga is perched, is eerily familiar once more to the Tarot in that of the Tower, which depicts destroyed towers. Thus these props were lit on fire, reminiscent of the Twin Towers and September 11th, 2001. In the center of the stage was a set of 31 separate cubes with a rectangle of 21 overlapped over a cube of 25. To lightly play with numerology here we may add 21 and 25 to get 46, which we may add to derive 10. Thus the ten qualities of the tree of life in the mystic Cabbala and Lady Gaga’s tetrahedron-like staff; the ten of course referring to the decahedron too.

Surrounding these squares were three massive stars with three points, the three or triune necessary for the cycle of life between the father, mother and child. We may also recognize life, death, birth or rebirth; morning, afternoon, night; hot, cold, mild; black, white, grey, etc. The three stars were balanced in the fourth point of the pentagram by a stage where Gaga later played the piano surrounded by a crowd of people with lights. This image from above looked like a sun with long rays, and equally resembled the point of infinity within the circle of limitation or Universe – Monad. Within the center of the two pillars rose balls of fire while most of the field and audience was covered in red. Interesting enough red has the longest wavelength and slowest vibratory frequency, thus associating it with dense matter that of which was created by Saturn or Satan. Here we have the Underworld – Earth – and our modern depictions of Hell defined by Dante Alighieri in his Divine Comedy. Black is also another ‘color’, which is actually void of color, which is why it has an association with evil. More so black indicates the unknown or occult, where both evil and light lurk and conceal.

On the other end of the spectrum we have violet with the shortest wavelength and thus fastest vibratory frequency. A blue or purple color is associated with royalty and as divine beings having a human experiences in the Underworld we must strive to master this world so as it does not master us. The way to do so is through balance and the refining of actions, thoughts and emotions. This equilibrium or truth is reached through Jesus by way of the crucifixion, or salvation, between two opposing forms of contradictory nature. By following the middle path we, being divine royalty, may break the four-corned cube or box of our reality and return between the sacred gates of wisdom to the Kingdome of heaven. It is often depicted the Goat of Mendes or Baphomet, an androgynous creature with goat head, horns, wings, sun and moon, caduceus of Mercury and flaming torch; this image was popularized by Eliphas Levi in Transcendental Magic and is also known as the Sabbatic Goat. Many see this creature as ‘Evil’, the inverse of ‘livE’, but with careful consideration and analysis we may find the upright pentagram in the center of the goat head. Above is the flaming torch, illuminating our pathway towards wisdom just as the lantern carried by the Hermit.

Lady Gagaa is the fallen angel coming upon the towers of Boaz and Jachin. Controlled by her own masters, hanging literally from wires, she performs for the audience with suggestive lyrics and frequencies within the songs. She is a puppet performing acts of grandeur or magic, which are undistinguishable from miracles to the profane whom bow to this power.

As she sings, she invokes and honors the inversion of light, the darkness that leads no man to initiation. She is the trickster providing a false light so that we are deceived with reality that the material world is merely for pleasure and for not growth.

Through her music, with flames, red lighting and towers, which above sit the Eye of Providence in Masonic symbolism and philosophy, she repeats the line typically written in lyrics as:




Any student of the esoteric or occult may quickly extract the key forces of creation from these sounds. Even name gaga refers to the of

the ‘baby planet’, Pluto, in the ancient Sumerian story of creation. Thus the combining of the male (RA) and female (MA) to create the child (GaGa) is highly significant and profound, and makes perfect sense considering Lady Gaga has supposedly studied the Cabbalah! This by no means makes her a witch or demon, as I’ve extended study of various subjects to provide even a simplified-complex analysis of these rituals.

You may say that RA and MA are written differently, but the sound is what is most significant, seeing how the Hindu and generally associated sound of creation is spelled as OM or AUM. We may also add that an inversion of the principals of RA, the Egyptian fire god, appropriate with the fire symbolism and red, and MA, the mother or sky goddess of Egypt. We could further suggest ROMA is used in this song specifically performed at the Super Bowl, like Coldplay in 2016, to reference Roman rule or that of the Vatican.

While on stage she stands on an elevated square platform surrounded by dancers, some of which where what many may name a KKK hood, but what is actually in known in Masonry as being hoodwinked.

As man approaches the temple of wisdom hoodwinked by ignorance and bound by the cable tow of limitation, he states his intention to better himself and society. Through the blue levels of Masonic initiation, the Entered Apprentice may advance through the Fellow Craft to finally become a Master Mason. At this point, the brother is raised from the tomb of matter after being taken from the cross of materiality. These rituals and symbols perpetuate mostly incomprehensible ideas, and their goal is to help the initiate refine and unfold their inner qualities or tools, through doctrines aimed at preserving and unfolding spirit rather than matter. This is the only way one may obtain true happiness. We are reminded of the allegory of Plato’s cave, suggesting those focusing on the material world are merely watching shadows cast on the wall of the cave by the spirit world.

Black Magicians may also invert these rituals with intention nr desire of suppressing inner growth and creating dependent servants and slaves rather than independent builders of a better world. The proof of which Lady Gaga represents is evident as she is carried by the white coats, similar to a psyche ward as we recall mind control experiments, which have traditionally carried out in mental homes, before she proceeds to the end of the triune star steps on stage dropping her microphone and descending further into the abyss. With the power of Gladiator events mixed with political propaganda, even with approval of the 2017 performance by Pope Francis himself, and George H. W. Bush, the architect of current World Government flipping the coin, there is immense opportunity to further subject the minds of the profane to perversion and inversion, stripping them of self-worth, respect, responsibility, etc., all for entertainment.

Lady Gaga may be a wonderfully talented artist, and equally when she speaks out of character per say she is very intelligence in conversations this author has listened too. However she may be literally or figuratively possessed, controlled by unseen forces that she no longer controls, but those that she has succumbed too or allowed to control her. As the Fallen Angel she is the trickster Lucifer or Prometheus tricking mankind into accepting the false light or apple in the Garden, which is poisoned like that in the story of Snow White.

Let us not be deceived by this false light as we walk into the darkness in order to understand the truth. All experience is opportunity and how we deal with it will determine if we create a Heaven or Hell for ourselves. Happiness and Wisdom are not birthrights, but blueprints for the temple we may build through the refining of our actions, thoughts and emotions, conquering the great red dragon of desire. Let us enjoy sports but not identify our experience with teams, players or cities, equally applying this wisdom to celebrities and corporations. Let us remember a commercial during Super Bowl 51 relating to technology, robotics, AI, and equally the selling of one’s soul for material pleasures or fame: “They did not save your life, they stole it.”

The Fall of Man was the descent of spirit into physical shells, an appropriate word to use along with the film from which the quote is derived – Ghost in the Shell. Watching Lady Gaga, the Fallen Angel, descend further into the abyss at the end of her performance signified the lowering of spirit further into the confines of materiality: sinking further into the darkness or false light of transhumanism, searing for the technological elixir.


Ryan Gable is a veteran radio personality and producer for his show “The Secret Teachings." The show focuses on the Synchronicity of Alternative News, Health, and History, Philosophy, the Paranormal, Symbolism, the Occult/Esoteric, Alchemy, Magic(k), Politics and more, in the most distinct way. Approaching a decade of being on air, and having written six books, Ryan has also been a guest on dozens of broadcasts and networks, from CBS and Dark Matter to LNM, and is a frequent guest on Ground Zero. Ryan and “The Secret Teachings” are not aligned with any specific ideology so that they may stay fluid with information, as it is unveiled. He holds himself to the same standard and recommendations suggested on air, in relation to food or study, attempting to match the lifestyle of initiates in the ancient mystery schools; he focuses on critical thinking and objectivity as keys to understanding, utilizing and appreciating The Secret Teachings of All Ages. His comprehensive books include: “The Grand Illusion: Slaves to Perception,” “False Profits & the Lovers of Children,” ”The Persistent Illusion,” “The Technological Elixir,” and “Food Philosophy.”

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