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White supremacists support trump and yell ‘heil’ 

Companies unveil ‘smart’ dumpsters with ‘smartphone’ technology

US military tests electrical brain stimulators for staff

Experiment to raise the dead blocked in India

Archeologist find hidden structure side kukulkan pyramid

Pluto has vast ‘slushy’ ocean below surface

Humans have now been CRISPR’d

Real-life Jurassic Park possible in Japan

Medical Marijuana and Gun Laws Collide

The Clinton conspiracy that backfired

Meet Sophia the humanlike robot

Monsanto’s Dicamba chemical herbicide gets approval

Media now claims Trump tries to control them not Hillary

College delay classes and exams, offer stress-healing therapies

President may pardon Clinton before out of office

Deceptive Pesticide ads land Bayer in trouble

Harry Reid says Trump has unleashed hatred

Agent Orange still being linked to cancer and more deaths

Protesters call for death to Trump supporters

Protests continue for a third night over Trump

Millions now call for ‘college’ to vote Hillary

Half a million call on electoral college to vote for Clinton

Hillary Clinton is a violent woman according to Secret Service reported in June

Mysterious object crashes in Myanmar

Coca Cola and Pepsi face soda taxes

Massive anti Trump protests

Women abuse men too and sometimes dump boiling water on them

Israel says no Palestinian state after Trump

Chelsea Clinton used foundation to pay for wedding

UN ‘expert’ says Junk Food is human rights concern

Common food additive causes colon cancer in mice

Scientists develop milk chocolate as heathy a dark chocolate

Google A.I. taught itself how to use Encryption

Wikileaks shows CNN reaching out to Dems for questions to ask Trump

Edward Snowden says 650,000 emails can be reviewed in hours

Hillary linked to child rape

Erik Prince says NYPD ready to make arrests

FBI still will not reverse its decision on Clinton despite new evidence

Clinton advised her maid to print out classified information from her home in Washington

That time Bill and Hillary Clinton went to a voodoo ceremony in Haiti

Russia helps Syria, but U.S. hasn’t brought any support

International Criminal Court investigates U.S. war crimes in Afghanistan

Top 100 most damaging emails

Hillary refused to address Jesus while Bill performed voodoo rituals / more than once

Hillary talked to dead in imaginary conversations

FBI has evidence Hillary went to Epstein island

Spirit Cooking ritual attended by John Podesta

Spirit cooking with the Clinton Cult

Clinton is a real witch, not just a misunderstood witch burnt by the Church

FBI supposedly investigating fake evidence now

Robot sex act to be offered as part of your experience in Swiss Cafe’

Possible Clinton indictment according to insiders

Pope says no to women priests

Honey contaminated with weedkiller

Laptop in FBI Weiner sexting case helps to reopen Clinton email fraud

2 new GMO potatoes approved

Emails in Weiner inquiry snare Clintons again

Women are now superior to men according to Obama

Simply THINKING about digital media disrupts children’ sleep

Foster Care children severely drugged

17 killed as Chicago sees deadliest weekend of the year

This much Halloween Candy can kill you 

Wikileaks shows Clinton collusion with CNN

Monsanto bullies and attacks scientist who like glyphosate to cancer

People asked to seek ancient symbols and markings in buildings

FBI reopens Clinton email investigation against policy of DOJ

Schools confiscate unapproved home lunches

Clinton campaign criticizes FBI for reopening investigation

Hillary Duff attacked for her Halloween costume

Rachel Maddow Cries about Clinton

Harry Reid blasts FBI director

Broadband companies must ask for data from customer

Massive hack attack on multiple sites may be ‘warm up’ for election day and the map mirrors the democratic tally from the original entrance polls (Two weeks after Internet signed over the UN)

Uber wants to give you a flu shot!

Clinton campaign admits lying about Trump

Russians being blamed for everything

Election rigging is not new at all

Hackers weaponized every-day devices to hack websites

Hillary Clinton as editor and chief of the mainstream Media

Russia has nuke that can destroy an area the size of Texas

University stole millions faking ‘Global Warming’ Research

Reducing the usage of certain fuels easily replaced by sun light, why not bail out Americans from electric bills & help the environment?

Half of Americans already in law enforcement facial recognition

Internet outage affected CCTV & website

Teal pumpkins, an act to help parents know when someone is giving out non-candy

Mice grown from eggs grown in a lab

Birth Control linked to Depression

Investigator claims UFO wreckage is proof of alien life

Trump praises wikileaks in exposing corruption of clinton

Clinton lied about Russian hacking and 17 agencies

U.S. accusing Russia of hacking election results again – homeland security taking over election security? (Homeland security offers states protection)

Secret military base of Germans found in Arctic island

Has the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle been solved

Wells Fargo loses Better Business Bureau accreditation 

Employees of Wells Fargo say they were so stressed they were drinking hand sanitizer 

EPA bows to industry and delays glyphosate cancer review

WHO cancer agency asked experts to without hold weedkiller documents

Clinton paid 1.8 million for bank speeches

BIG Soda sponsors health organizations

Pepsi & Coke removing sugar due to money not health concern

UFO expert was going to expose ‘black magic’ ring

This superfood has major benefits

Possessed Politicians ? A Short History of Demon Possession

Autonomous luggage that follows you

Robot babies raise questions about how parents bond with AI

Skeleton of Medieval woman ‘giantess’

CDC Blocks testimony of vaccine whistleblower 

5 Judges hear testimonies from witnesses in case of crimes against humanity for Monsanto

3D printers with artificial intelligence

Brain Implant restores touch

Toyota’s companion robot goes on sale soon 

UFO researcher found dead after vomiting black substance

PepsiCo sued for misleading product labels that contain more sugar than soda

Benefits of Turmeric 

Experts discover ‘cavities’ in Egypt’s Great Pyramid

Media says it’s illegal to have Clinton emails but not for them

Trump claims election is rigged, catches heat Clinton says election will be hacked by Russians, gains support

Clinton campaign wanted San Bernardino shooter to be white

Cops demand everyone to unlock their iPhones

Clinton stole more items from State Department 

Joe Biden wants cyber attacks against Russia

U.S. Army Chief wants all out war against Russia

Obama backs cyber attacks against Russia

Moscow furious over U.S. claims of hacking

Little prospect of major WW with Russia

Driver License no longer a federal ID

3 killed & 12 injured in shooting in LA

Effort in class is seen as ‘sexual ‘harassment’

Russian directed energy death ray

A new National Anthem ?

Is our world a simulation? Most scientists think it is very likely 

The Demon on your chest during sleep paralysis

America plotting to allow 9,000 ISIS fighters to escape Mosul and attack Russia

25 new ‘Dead Sea Scrolls’ revealed 

Ghost Ship on Lake Superior ?

Wells Fargo ‘fake’ accounts go back 10 years to 2005

Polluted air affects 92% of global population

Leaked Clinton emails about UFOs

Iceland jails top bankers for 46 years

Drinking beer makes you happier and less inhibited

Harmful affects of Ramen Noodles

Dr. Bronner’s calls out organic trade organization

10 Ancient Finds that reveal mystic beliefs 

Pentagon paid PR firm half a billion to make terrorist videos

1 in 5 millennial has tried a Big Mac – that’s good news!

Children told to select gender pronouns

Obama smells himself to confirm he is not a demon

Man spent thousands on fake girlfriend to text him

Intelligent people tend to stay up later and curse more (March 2016)

Matt Drudge criticized after suggesting hurricane hype bior Climate Change

Tech billionaires convinced we live in the matrix

Planet hottest in hundreds of thousands of years says ‘experts’

Mom in trouble for feeding child nuts and fruits, considered a vegan

U.S. accusing Russia of hacking election results again – homeland security taking over election security? (Homeland security offers states protection)

Robot surgeons and non-technology mixed with artificial life

Scientist limit life to 115 years 

Cult exorcism alerted police

Sugar cereals considered ‘healthy’ and avacodes considered unhealthy

Chickens replacing pesticides on farms

More water being bottled and shipped overseas 

Big Alcohol threatening Marijuana 

Russia tells Citizens that Nuclear war with west is possible

Wikileaks documents on Clinton delayed

5 worst things in your coffee creamer

Satanism & Black Magic on the rise?

NASA discovers 13th zodiac again?

Tylenol may cause babies to be born with disabilities 

US ends control over Internet 

Lawmakers more upset about regulations that corruption at Wells Fargo

Pesticide manufactures’ own tests show they kill honeybees

Dentist accused of child abuse during visits 

Nestle’ buys a towns’ water under a drought 

U.S. owes black people reparations for abuse

First three-parent baby born 

Men who found New York bomb

Saudi Prince paid for 9/11 pilots to learn to fly

Obama Vetoes 9/11 Bill, but Congress override is expected

Harvard RoboBees closer to pollinating Crops

Fast Food serving antibiotics

Catholic Church acquits priest raping girls

Tesla car hacked from 12 miles away

Corey Haim’s deathbed confession to blow open Hollywood sex scandals

New York police on high alert after bombing, UN General Assembly

New York buffs up police after bombing

York, New Jersey bombings: Suspect found asleep

8,000 year old female statue found in Turkey

FDA finds Monsanto weed killer in Honey

Israel receives largest foreign aid package from U.S. ever

French being payments to holocaust survivors and their heirs

Baby mice created from sperm alone

Anti Snowden propaganda spread as movie is released

Pepsi admits its soda contains cancer

Sugar industry shapes science according to new study

FBI Director – You Should Cover Your Webcam With Tape

French to open ‘deradicalization’ centers for at risk youth

Is Almond Milk Good for Your?

Monsanto purchased for 66 billion by Bayer

Glyphosate found in childhood vaccines!

All new cell phones to be sold without 3.5mm jacks and instead will have wireless tech

Cal Berkeley’s effort to offer anti-Israeli course

Walmart removes 911 coke display

Wells Fargo employees fired for fake accounts – Wells Fargo also launders billions for drug cartels 

A massive solar storm could wipe out all electronics and we wouldn’t have much time to prepare

Black Lives Matter relates that Climate Change is racist

Dr. may lose license after offering alternative vaccine schedule 

More smart clothing applications with gel

New AI learns from observation 

New leaked files on NSA spying

UFOs, alien abductions, occult, a matter of scholarship

Man speaking arabic thrown from United airline for getting drunk

Record-tying Oklahoma earthquake felt as far as Arizona

Thousands of birds take flight before earthquake in Oklahoma

Climate Denial and Sea Level Rise

Sony creating robot that will connect with human emotions

Porn site Brazzeres leaked informations for millions of users

Spy tech firm lets government see everything on your smart phone

US companies promote climate change and fund skeptics

Text Neck becoming epidemic (2014)

Child abuse exposed at elite boarding school in Rhode Island

Cutting one sugary drink per day can increase your overall health 

General Mills sued over false ‘natural’ claim

Earth-like planet found very close to Earth with water and rock

Doctors to refuse treating patients without vaccines 

Michelangelo’s paintings contain symbols of the sacred feminine

Jared Fogle, touches kids, then sues their parents

Pentagon officials reimbursed for strip clubs and casinos

Leaked Soros memo shows push for federalized police force

Facebook wants users to share more personal information 

Satan worship on the rise in the US

EpiPen maker to offer discounts after price hike (Company CEO acquired falsified degree from WVU & the daughter of Democratic Senator)

5 reasons prescription drugs are so high in price

Australians accepting super human microchips 

Alien hunters now find a shoe – look the other way

‘Healthy’ foods and sweetness are once again parroted as not ‘healthy’

Synthetic supermicrobe will resist all known viruses

Target caught selling fake egyptian cotton sheets

Healthy fast food diet review

Cyborgs are already here

Interesting facts about the universe 

More jew propaganda against the goyim

Smart Phone contact lens

World’s largest pyramid inside of a Mexican mountain

Closing Olympic ceremony 

DEET being dumped on American cities 

Maternal death rates increase in America

Vaccine fear mongering promoted as a method of shutting up critics of corporate greed

10 foods called product of genetic engineering in ancient times are much different than modern GMOs

White Lives Matter Protest a result of hatred spread by Black Lives Matter

ZIKA not supposedly linked to pesticides as industry panics

Children and sugar consumption

Human sacrifice part 2 at CERN

Alternative forms of food packaging that you can eat

John Kerry targets AC as more dangerous than ISIS

Jeffrey Epstein and Donald Trump, what you should know

New study shows life after death is real as consciousness continues

Area 51 red stripped planes

Propaganda saying because of climate conference the world is cooling

Mock human sacrifice outside of CERN

Mayan astronomer knew orbit of venus 1,000 years ago

IBMs new artificial neurons a step towards brain-like computers

Coral reef die off the fault of big oil

America to hand over the internet in a few months

UFO flies over moon or is just a bug on the lens

Strange man walking through desert could be a mythological being – looks fake

DEA targets innocent Americans accessing travel data & seizing cash

Leaked Soros documents confirms Migrant Crisis a tool of Global Governance

Scientists to grow cities out of living organisms

Biohybrid robots built from living tissue (Jelly fish built from rat cells)

U.S. sued over aid to Nuclear Israel

Move to ban burkinis expands

Elderly prescribed too many pills

Super soldiers the thing of the future or present?

Holes in head an ancient form of medicine?

GMO mosquitoes coming to your town

What will you do when the grid goes down?

Smart clothes to tweet and text you

Peter Theil wants young blood to live forever (young rat bolded rejuvenates older rates & royal family consumed flesh, but that was a long time ago)

Isis happens upon more US weapons just like in 2014 more weapons were accidentally dropped

The last big frontier

GMO food deception at Whole Foods

War is good for profit – new weapon used against ISIS

Zika to be fought with insects that likely spread the disease – yep, they’re GM

Chicago experiences worst July in 10 years because gun restriction work!

Organic fights back against Non Gmo

Superweed problem getting even worse thanks to chemicals

Archeological find of King Arthurs home?

Details revealed about SS leader in diary 

9 Disgusting things the FDA allows in your food

Remembering the worst mass murder in history

When terror goes viral it’s up to us to prevent chaos, says CNN

Third party support surging 

President Obama signs GMO Labeling bill

Scientists create first animal biohybrid 

Roller Coaster virtual reality 

30 million Child Abuse images recovered and 77 suspects charged

More anti whole food, pro seed patenting filth from mainstream media

Organic Leaders turn on Whole Foods

Stephen Hawkins warns of isolationism in relation to Brexit

Solar powered plane flies around entire world

Scientists once more tell us humans we are ‘junk’

Researchers say Mediterranean diet helps prevent disease 

Think your organic food is Gmo Free, don’t be so sure

2,000 Calorie meals will shock you

Cinnamon could help with learning abilities 

Eight things you didn’t know about hummus

Roger Ailes, another big piece of shit had policy of ‘tits up hair back’

Humans fear superhuman technology the most

Hillary Clinton’s deception, fact check

Bill lies through his teeth about his attraction to Hillary 

Bernie Sanders now wants you to stand with Hillary

A fourth stage of life may signal it is almost over

Jimmy Carter comes out in defense of Edward Snowden

John Kerry says AC as dangerous as ISIS – Obama Agrees

Bouncy ground in Sibera is possibly a cause for concern

Scientists decide something is health although it was unhealthy and healthy before…?

Most of the Universe may be trapped in an ancient black hole

Super hard metal four times tougher than titanium

Gunman’s manifesto called actions a necessary evil

Alcohol linked to several forms of cancer

The 5 most addictive substances on Earth

Black therapist show helping autistic man – police say they were aiming  for autistic man

Log of the Great Pyramid’s creation supposedly found

The Pokemon Zombie craze

France complains about terrorism then kills 140 civilians 

55 Shootings in Chicago illicit little to no media attention

Confirmation that primaries were rigged for Clinton

Dark Act ready for signature of President CEO Obama

Ways to help cure a leaky gut caused by our insane lifestyles and food choices

Americans buying gene edited food that’s not labeled as GM

Ex Marine kills three and wounds three

Police claim anti government involvement of Baton Rouge shooter

Processed chocolate better for you than diet bars

The toxic story behind packaged foods

David icke on TODAY show on aliens and the moon

Nice attacker treated for psychological problems

Eiffel tower fire part of a ritual to open a portal?

28 redacted pages released from 9/11 report

State of Emergency extended in France during latest attack, just as it was going to end

Pokemon players breaking laws and entering restricted areas 

Does NASA cut the ISS feed after a UFO enters atmosphere?

PokemonGo gives up all of your privacy

Ancient Egyptian machine guarding tomb in pyramid 

Pomegranates may reverse the aging process

Malnourished child taken from parents, veganism blamed

US says spraying chemicals is necessary to fight disease 

All Lives Matter is Racist

Nanotech tattoo tracks facial movements

Marijuana could help with Alzheimers 

Obama moves to federalize local police

Senate passes law for GMO labeling that isn’t actually a label

Secret Black Ops program identified by Canadian Government Insider 

Monsanto & DuPont have new weed killer

5 items you shouldn’t cook with due to health concerns 

Extra period in DOI changes the meaning of freedom?

Killing Cancer with light

VR Porn event in Japan

Epstein claimed he cofounded Clinton foundation 

Washington DC might become a state with a new name

German President: ‘The Elite are not the problem, the populations are the problem.”

It’s time for the elites to rise up against the ignorant masses

Government storing mass amounts of food

Bill Gates pushing GMOs still claiming to feed starving Africans

Terrorists supposedly seeking to build deadly army of intelligent robots even though US has already been in development to the same technology 

Aspartame back in Pepsi

Google can record and keep all of the conversations you have

Whole Foods might be selling out to Monsanto

Sun associated with manufactured terrorism as a problem that could cripple America

Israeli elected to UN committee

Selma Blair removed from plane for strange ‘mind-control’ breakdown

Catholic priest in Montreal banned from being alone with children

Pharmaceutical industry increases drug sells by bribing doctors with meals

Yes, there have been aliens

Jaguar shot dead during torch lighting for olympics identical to ancient ritual

Olympic slogan is a another call for a new world

Listening to Mozart lowers blood pressure

13 more dead in Chicago shootings over weekend

7 more killed in Chicago shootings

Facts about Martian Moon Phobos

New measurements on Great Pyramid

An ancient civilization acts as a dark omen for modern man

National Parks turn corporate

National Parks go corporate

Diet soda sales are falling

Hunting Humans to become big business in next few hundred years

US Navy discussing plans to fit every citizen with a microchip (using vaccines to inject chips)

Nations Clinton criticized for terrorism donating to her campaign

The world’s oldest computer

Jew stabs gays at gay pride parade in 2015

Orlando club shooter linked to American suicide bomber

Earth supposedly has two moons

More misinformation about ‘organics’

More anti human Israeli proposals to annex part of West Bank

Massive shooting in Orlando club

Explosions opening more holes in Siberia

Losing your virginity to a robot

Opening ceremony of large tunnel is bizarre ritual?

Fenway wants volunteers for a terror attack drill

Bilderberg 2016 attendee list

Bilderberg 2016 talking points

Bilderberg more anxious than last year at annual meeting

UN ‘Peace’-Keepers committing mass child rape

Online hate speech to be tackled quicker

Scientists can genetically modify baby in womb

Adidas starts using robots in production

Building robots cheaper than paying employees

Cognitive scientist says reality is an illusion

Americans are fatter now than ever

Another giant hole in the sun

Another study links cellphone usage to cancer

Device that reads your thoughts

Former ‘Glee’ star Mark Salling indicted on child pornography

Cory Feldman on Hollywood sexual abuse

Elijah Wood – ‘Hollywood in the grip of child abuse scandal similar to Jimmy Savile’

Elijah Wood says Hollywood is gripped by powerful pedophile ring

Healthy living could prevent deaths from disease

New Sugar labels on Food unlikely to help at-risk consumers

Megalithic sites are alive

Monsanto-Bayer merger

Vegetarianism may actually lead to some forms of cancer

Artificial sweetener fatal to animals

Manchester University study says Cancer is man-made disease

Moving beyond GMO with deception

Solar Surveillance airships in the stratosphere

German man claims he found Nazi nukes in Germany

Government surveillance program planted microphones in Bay Area

Magic mushrooms lifts depression in trial

Bill passes allowing victims of 9/11 to sue Saudi Arabia

Hugh Hefner sued over ‘conspiring’ with Bill Cosby

Pope francis says pedophile priest shouldn’t resign

Attacks on Chipotle associated with Panera Bread

We spend more time on netflix than with friends, exercising or reading

Kiosks rolling out in place of workers

Feces supposedly now cures disease

WHO claims Monsanto RoundUp doesn’t cause cancer aftersaying it would

Cancer-stricken farmers sue Monsanto over RoundUp

Bill Clinton took at least 26 trips to ‘orgy island’

(‘Sex slave’ who claims she was forced to sleep with Prince Andrew was ‘promised to be looked after if she kept quiet’

Epstein ‘black book’ with names like Trump & Clinton

Revealed: Bill Clinton, Mick Jagger and Donald Trump were in black book of Prince Andrew’s sex abuser friend Jeffrey Epstein

Bill Clinton identified in lawsuit against his former friend and pedophile Jeffrey Epstein who had ‘regular’ orgies at his Caribbean compound that the former president visited multiple times)

Salad greens are now considered dangerous to consumers

Scientist to create synthetic DNA

Parts of Earth’s Mantel may be peeling off

General Mills claws for customers with real ingredient/rabbit ad

US planes equipped with ‘death rays’

Drugs that delete empathy

Artificial sweeteners in beverages lead to obese children for pregnant mothers

Weed Killer in ‘natural’ Quaker oatmeal – more proof, ‘natural’ means nothing

Snowden on ‘self driving’ cars, he recommends them over NSA surveillance

Penn State settlement covered 1971 abuse claims

EPA tied to Monsanto

Spraying to kill pests linked to autism

KFC opens AI restaurant

Wendy’s to introduce robots in response to $15 minimum wage

Robots are coming for your jobs

Device that turns your skin into receiver-transmitter of information

Large numbers of ‘youth’ would agree to date a robot

Reclassifying certain forms of ‘cancer’

Scented candles and health risks

Chipotle still under siege as shares fall company becomes vulnerable to buy ups

Flying Saucer design leads to new military technology

Having more friends is better painkiller than morphine

Former speaker of the house guilty of being a ‘serial child molester’

Former speaker admits to sexual abuse of children

Exploring Mars with augmented reality

Watch mercury cause brain damage

National HPV vaccination mandatory for boys and girls possible

McDonalds to test nuggets without artificial preservatives

Beltane: Making a comeback

China robot to patrol streets to prevent riots

Poor countries to be compensated for Climate Change nonsense

Priest says his sperm contained body of Christ after forcing nuns into orgy

Judge allows Chipotle lawsuit to go through

Blast at Mexico petrochemical kills 13huge natural gas explosion & fire

Climate Science consensus and political control

New GMO mushroom with no USDA oversight

Are we living in a computer simulation

Court rules evidence of genocide in Canada can be destroyed

LA TIMES reports why people want GMO labelling

Fast food eaters have more industrial chemicals in their bodies

Dyson hand dryer supposedly spreads germs

Bill Nye says jail for climate change deniers

Sugar abuse like drug abuse

The Great GMO cover up and the attacking of scientists

Tribe who ate their dead to help understand Alzheimer’s

‘Panama Papers’ reveals offshore tax evasion, money laundering among global elite

Attending live music events ‘reduces your levels of stress hormones’

Dangers of eating meat

28 pages may shed light on Saudi Arabia hand in 9/11

Kellogg’s to label GMO

ConAgra to label GMO

Campbell’s to remove BPA from cans

Fingerprints as possible currency?

Kraft cheese defiantly contains wood pulp

Satanic book, Bible sex tracts provided in Colorado schools

Climate policy is not about the environment, but about economic redistribution of wealth

Indonesia ‘hobbit’ fossils are much older than first thought

Did Exxon Mobile mislead the public on Climate Change

Unicorn fossils possibly found for ‘real’

Sex to be gone within a few decades?

Robert de Niros Tribeca festival pulls anti vaccination film

Archive of pedophillia crime kept by Catholic Church insurers

Microsoft pulls AI after comments

10 banned foods Americans should stop eating

Ron Paul won’t support Trump for President, says we don’t need a boss

Facebook is tracking you more than you realize

Library of Heinrich Himmler uncovered to include thousands of books on the occult

Top silicon valley centrist kept sex slave

Taxes by the mile?

George Soros funded Trump protest

The UK is about to become a more hellish version of 1984

GM banana study where people are paid as rats

Most high-end honey doesn’t contain honey!

Alzheimer’s may be cured with maple syrup

Supposedly, GMO labeling will scare people

Possible sphinx on Mars?

Obama requesting phone data to fight terror and tax evaders

Iran to pay billions for 9/11

Double-heart symbol on children’s toy

FBI could force iPhones to have cameras and microphones on

US citizen data to be used for spying by NSA without terrorism

Mysterious ‘winged’ fish caught by fishermen

More sabotage at chipotle?

Snowden: FBI’s claim about unlockable phone is bullshit

Anti-Vaccine propaganda

Apollo sound-stage where ‘training’ for moon mission was conducted

No Global warming for over 50 years

Another Global Warming surprise

Why is Glyphosate sprayed on crops before harvest?

‘We have Commodified…Babies and Baby Parts’

First RoboCop finally released

Glyphosate found in fourteen German beers

Study claims banning GMOs will be detrimental to environment and economy (GMO crops do not increase yields – Source 1Source2)

Bishops held information on abuse of hundreds of children

Amazon unveils ‘smart’ water pitcher

Leading Republican warns of speech codes at colleges

Your ‘smart’ phone knows what you are doing

US Intelligence Director says genome editing is a WMD (Official Government REPORT)

Billboards to now track cell phone users

Rubio was a ‘very extroverts homosexual’ during college years?

Bill Nye the sell out guy paid to read a script

Massive failings over Savile abuse

The Monsanto ‘Dark Act’ is back

Former TV host, Mr. Wonder, raped kids

Study shows major difference between organic and non organic products

Pope’s pregnant secretary found dead in Rome

Energy drinks banned for causing bodily damage and promoting bad study habits

What would Trump mean for the Federal Reserve

Some claim ancient Greeks had laptop

Russia bans all U.S. GM corn and soy

The supposed dangers of tea

The end of ‘christian America’, even though we never were

How much weedkiller (Glyphosate) is in our food

Mobile phones cooking men’s sperm

Syngenta taken over by billion-dollar transaction

How many people does it take to create a conspiracy?

Putin says he will fight for Palestinian State

Our future virtual reality world thanks to Facebook?

Prisoners could face 1,000-years in just 8 hours

Pope’s child abuse commission is ‘smoke and mirrors’

Trump’s remarks on pig’s blood ignorant

NASA is working on tech to get to Mars in 3 days

30minutes to Mars

Pope says Trump is disgraceful for wanting wall, while sitting behind a wall

Cheese contains wood pulp

Bronze-Age wheel sheds light on history of transport

Internet ‘see something, say something’ campaign launched

Hate groups, domestic extremists grew significantly in 2015

Michigan Senate passes animal cruelty bill that bans oral and anal sex

Did aliens leave behind a 2,800 year-old phone? (mobile phone over 800-years-old)

Major lifestyle changes needed to deal with climate

A metal that behaves like water

The not-so-dark origins of Valentine’s Day

The ‘Dark’ origins of Valentine’s Day

Pope unleashes ‘super-confessors’ to tackle sin

Brain-prints may replace fingerprints

Neuro-Hacker can delete memories

Solar Bowl 50 – The Golden game, bridge, keys and the Hero King’s Triumph!

Boycott of Beyonce after new song performance, music video shows the X symbolism used in her outfit worn on stage

Super Bowl 50 ad with archway and glory gold rays shining

Super bowl half time sacred geometry

Money spent by super bowl viewers

Roman HalfTime sacrifices

Diet Coke is healthier than water

Did the climate spin out of control on its own

Half-intelligent writer stumbles over himself to explain ‘illuminati’

Hackers spy on family through teddy bear

Boy expelled over his DNA

Chick-fil-A says diet by eating their nuggets every 3-4 hours

Could taking antibiotics increase STD risk?

CDC investigation of Chipotle may have found sabotage

McDonalds cheese sticks are just sticks

Chipotle fans claim sabotage

Chipotle Outbreak is getting more fishy

Why compact fluorescent lightbulbs will be off the market soon

French people protest state of emergency

Olive Stone says Jewish control of Hollywood stops debate of Holocaust

Ancient Planet makes up part of Earth and Moon

FOIA CIA documents on UFOs

11 disgusting food ingredients

7 UFO documents from CIA Archive

Planet X (9) destruction of humans?

22 Clinton emails found that are classified

800 children’s bodies found in Blackburn

‘Smart’ light-bulbs that play music

A massive planet may be lurking in our Solar System

Implant to plug your brain into super-computer

Robots could read your mind very soon

Facebook friends don’t care about you

UFO chased by fighter plane?

University columnist says free speech is white supremacy

Ninth planet possibly found

Photographs of Bin Laden’s body?

Universe where time moves backwards

World faces epic debt defaults

62 people control over half of world wealth

Journalist says french fries healthier than salad

Another health misconception about ‘diets’ subconsciously promotes coke (Tom Brady says coke is poison)

30 things you didn’t know about McRib

Panera removes artificial ingredients

FDA just banned 3 toxic chemicals

Big Pharma spends over $25 Billion in marketing 2012

German carpenter invents device to shut off sperm

New Flu shot could make the flu the least of your concerns

Washington Post accurate about gun control surprisingly

Over treatment of cancer

Another attack on ‘health-food’ common sense

Ritual Killing of baby in Florida?

Campbell’s to start volunteer labeling of GM foods

Short Fuse? It could be Adult Oppositional Defiant Disorder

Nestle’ banned from using of phrase ‘a great start to the day’ in the UK

Taiwan bans GMOs in School meals due to health risk

Whats inside that seasonal Febreze that smells like pine

Chipotle a victim of corporate sabotage?

Hollande: Threat continues years after attacks in France

University fires professor who says Sandy Hook was a hoax

75 Times Obama broke law during presidency

Americans with ‘alternative views’ could be labeled crazy, have guns taken

Obama’s gun-control plan includes gun-ban for some SS beneficiaries

Musical perversion, Miley Cyrus dresses as baby

Eve was created from a penis bone

Militia occupies Federal Land in Oregon

Chipotle stocks falling

Florida Police laundered millions in drug money

Bill Cosby arrested for sexual assault

Bones show a different species of human lived alongside us

How to spot a psychopath

Trump attacks Bill Clinton calling him an abuser

Obama made to look blacker to appease displease voters

Obama says world leaders are ‘out of their minds’

Microbeads banned in products, but not other dangerous ingredients

Hillary Clinton gives ISIS weapons, calls their actions Genocide

George Lucas says he sold star wars to ‘white slavers’

Seymour Hersh: US Mil defied Obama and shared Intelligence with Assad

Crows build and store tools

More pyramid discoveries using cosmic rays

Politics outside Area 51

Mars is an escape plan for 1%

Sickle-Wearing skeleton reveals fears of demons in ancient world

Spending bill to force labeling for GM Salmon?

58 Facts about the US Economy

Canadian inquiry into missing aboriginal women

Accidental geoengineering is only contrails?

Climate Deal is the best chance we have to save the globe?

Polar Bear cookies offensive

Homeland security ‘dirtbox’ plane

ADHD rates are skyrocketing

Texting without periods is more sincere says study

Dow & DuPont merger

Drug-Store merger

Putin says Russia will export only NON-GMO

Knife used in terror attack in London

Geoengineering being discussed as solution for fake ‘climate change’

Government says they can’t access NSA records

Geometric symbols in Middle East align with Sun on Winter Solstice

Inland Regional Medical Center had drills every month

Media says white men only own guns

California Shooters pledge to ISIS

France to write state of emergency into constitution

France might extend emergency powers indefinitely

Big Oil funds Climate talks to shut down competition

Gun control to connect to terror watch list

Obama sells guns to terrorists

Obama armed ISIS-linked militants without background checks!

Shooters in California purchased guns legally

Christmas party the reason for San Bernardino

Media narrative destroyed by facts

Shooting in California possibly terrorism

People in lockdown after shooting

Shooters in California – a couple with baby

Possible Terrorism in California

Vegas Police, Nevada troopers placed on boarder

14 killed at Center for Disabled

20 shooting victims in California active shooter situation

Active shooter in California, San Bernardino

Carbon emissions in U.S. have fallen 10% says EPA

Cloning Lab in China

World leaders finally call it blatantly a ‘CARBON TAX’

Germans say NASA altered temperature data

Flu fact sheet says the shot doesn’t prevent the flu

NASA supposedly shows an Earth in trouble of man-made Climate Change

ADHD Drugs may harm kids more than help them

FDA scrambles to define ‘Natural’ labels

Hershey’s removes artificial vanilla

Kellogg’s promises to remove poisons as sales nosedive

200 detained in Paris protests over Climate meeting

Climate Change data is a lie

Gun grabbing propaganda supported with dildos

Students need help after seeing confederate flag

Swastika a symbol of peace?

U.S. mistakes of war aren’t really mistakes

White House fence jumper had pocket constitution

Saudis shower Obama in gifts

Students want Woodrow Wilson’s name removed from school

Black Knight Decoded ?

PUTIN takes out more ISIS targets in two days than the US in several years

ISIS created in Iraq says Assad

Prime Minister of Israel says ISIL are Israeli soldiers

Israel dropped 800 tons of explosives on Palestine, but focus on Paris

Vatican to try 5 for leaks

Israel dropped 800 tons of bombs on Gaza, but few care

Shooting has protestors calling for prosecution of police

Ex Subway spokesman Jared sentenced for child sex

French want 3 month Martial Law

118 put under house arrest during raids in Saint-Denis

Mom of vaccinated child upset at unvaccinated kids after her child gets sick

1 in 45 kids have autism says CDC

GM salmon is okay to eat says FDA

France terror leader confirmed dead

ISIS store vandalized – named after Egyptian goddess

Paris declares war on an ideology backed by the West

Paris under Martial Law

Putin tells G20 ISIS is funded by 40 countries plus G20 members

Manhunt in Europe for 1 suspect in Paris attacks

French government knew of ‘extremists’ before attack

Snowden blamed for Paris attack

Eating healthy still a mental disorder

ISIS’ actions are being possibly labeled with ‘Genocide’ but what about Israel’

ISIS to use migrants as ‘psychological weapon’

Four more armed gunmen in Paris

Syrian ‘refugee’ was one of Paris attackers

CIA director met with French Security Chief before attacks

Passport of Syrian migrant found at site of attack in Paris

US Stands with France after attack

Wall Street Journal reports on privatized courts

Scientists breach blood-brain barrier to directly issue chemo

Mystery light over ocean a missile test?

California missile test freaks out LA

Rocket lights up S. Florida

Norway Spiral a missile test?

2010 Chinese UFO same as those in Florida and LA

Vatican hit with new scandals of being awash in money

Sainthood for Sale

HPV vaccine causes more cases of HPV strands

Flu vaccine doesn’t work, but get it anyway – it’s a profit thing

Flu vaccine doesn’t work, but get it anyway

Ignorant journalist says get vaccines even though she has major reaction in her joints

Hooked X/Tau Cross monogram on the Jesus Ossuary Lid

Vatican arrests and new banking scandal

UN Officials transport child porn and weed in official vehicles (RT News)

Man charged in sexual abuse dead before testifying of larger network

Vatican exorcist says halloween causes increase in occult activity

Energy Department approved costumes

Jared Fogle to plead guilty for child porn and having sex with minors

Child abuse in London a major crisis

Flight diverted after a ‘9/11 rant’

Drug-Store merger

Energy Department U.S. says pumpkins cause climate change

If you are white and sleep well, you might be racist

SPLC calls those against Common Core “Conspiracy Theorists”

Some hotdogs contain human DNA

Senate passes bill to push sharing of info on hacker threats

CSIS foreign ops under C-51 raise accountability concerns

No health insurance? Next year that’ll mean a $695 fine

Chicago police disappear 7,000

America’s black site

Satanism being taught to young children? – Video RT News

Bacon, ham and sausage ‘as big a cancer threat as smoking,’ WHO to warn

Saudi Prince pleasured by male aid and threatens staff who watched

Mayan used bloodletting to worship gods?

Coke pays scientists to protect sugary drinks, junk food (pays health officials to say coke is healthy)

If you want a gun then you get shot first

America is a time bomb waiting to explode

Giant ‘hole’ in Sun

Fizzy Drinks can cause cardiac arrest, study finds

Big banks do not want your cash, move to charge you for deposits

New England Journal of Medicine sheds doubt on safety of GMO

Did life begin on Mars?

Fear isolated in brain region

Larry David as Bernie Sanders in SNL Debate

McDonalds facing its last days

Pepsi implies aspartame free drinks taste bad

Coca-Cola manipulating public view on sugar and obesity

Poison in bread

‘Floating City’ in sky above China?

Alien Megastructure or rare type of Star?

Carbon is beneficial not dangerous

Say goodbye to ‘he’ and ‘she’ says CNN

Woman claims she was raped by aliens on moon

Obama’s 23 executive orders on Gun ‘saftey’

U.S. gives 50 tons of ammunition to Syrian rebels

Roseanne Barr: “MK Ultra Runs Hollywood”

Obama to use executive order to capture guns

Oregon Country Sheriff attacked for suggesting 9/11 was conspiracy
Global Police force unveiled at UN by US Attorney General
Former DIA Director confirms Obama supporting Al Qaeda & ISIS
Food deception of advertisement The difference in food labelsVaccine category propaganda

Reproductive health altered by toxic chemicals: report

Oregon Shooting: Ten dead initially and seven injured

EPA says sunlight is bad

Report: Hillary Clinton linked to Islamic Terrorists

Mainliners say neanderthals put heavy metals in atmosphereConvicted criminal Pope Francis lectures on liberties and safety of childrenBizarre Giant Hexagon on Saturn May Finally Be ExplainedReport: David Cameron stuck genitals in pig’s mouthSuspect of murdered child supposedly obsessed by the occultThe man Pope Francis should meet Did Neanderthals have souls – do Christians have brains?First FEMA camp opens in ArizonaCMP ordered to hand over all evidence of Planned ParenthoodAhead of Pope’s visit Survivors of Sexual abuse take stockDoctors don’t understand GOP arguments against vaccinesObama may prosecute Global Warming Skeptics (Altered Climate data – Telegrah) (Altered Climate data – Washington Post)NHL Star hates dronesNHL’s Steven Stamkos hits drones with puckNew Planned Parenthood video 10Ann Coulter gives 5 ways to win GOP debate (cite Reagan & Israel)Obama Executive Order authorized Behavior Experiments on publicAt&t, Verizon and Sprint Helped NSA with spyingStaggering price giving your kids a ‘perfect’ lifeIsraeli company develops food-scannerPanic as two children die after receiving measles vaccination (Measles traced back to fully vaccinated patient 2014)

Former bishop admits to sexually abusing young men

Americans incorrectly answer basic science questions (1/4 knows earth revolves around the sun 2014)

Elon Musk reveals plan nuke Mars for human habitation

US regulators accept chip in pill application

ISIS intelligence scandal hits Obama’s inner circle

50 spies says ISIS intelligence was cooked

Chemicals in water turning fish into both sexes

Busia children Paralyzed after jabs

7 health benefits of sex

Lawsuit filed against Chipotle for NON GMO claims

Drive to promote GMOs in Kenya started by government

Google to fix ‘anti-Semitic bug’ which claims that ‘Jews control Hollywood’

Hitachi Hires Artificially intelligent bosses for their warehouses

‘Gene modification of embryos is essential’: Says Report

Archeology on Steroids: huge ritual arena discovered near Stonehenge

What archeologists really think about ancient aliens, lost colonies, and FOG

Conspiracy Theories: the world’s top ten secret plots

Al Qaeda Mag urges attack on Koch Brothers, Buffett, Bloomberg

32 powers of Queen Elizabeth II – She can’t be prosecuted!

Feminist Study: You’re racist if you don’t have sex outside your race

A Los Angeles plan to reshape the streetscape sets off fears of gridlock

Germany to ban GMO seeds like Scotland

The first annual great Canadian frock off 2012


Emails reveal academics enlisted by biotech industry

History professor denies Native Genocide

Gender Neutral Bathrooms

Climate Change supposedly sparks war in Syria

College supposedly brainwashes students about 9/11 for not following official storyline, then attacks professor teaching the course for attacking kids for not agreeing with his belief

HAARP is back

Underground secret tunnel in Mexico found confirming urban legend

Scientists discover world has many more trees, trillions more

60,000 antelope died in four days in Kazakstan Village in Kazakstan where people fall asleep for days

9th Planned Parenthood Video

Pope says abortion is forgivable

12 Awful Monsanto Products


Eazy-E son says Suge Knight, not HIV, killed his dad

The rise of N.W.A and the birth of the West Coast

Russia removes foreign detergents from shops, citing risks of toxic ingredients

Poo in your meat according to study

Mass shooting in the US

Holocaust of Native Americans: 65 million and counting

Stem Express CEO speaks on obtaining 50 more livers a week

VIP paedophile ring abused teenage boy inside Buckingham Palace

Ex-NASA employee downloaded hundres of images and videos – child porn

Water Supply contaminated by Uranium

Baby fights for life at Organ Harvesting facility

Cancer cured with Cannabis

Jared Fogle with child porn

Executive at Jared Fogle’s foundation with child porn

AT&T intimately helped NSA

Your car really can be hacked

Plague-infected squirrels in National Park

Miley Cyrus says Hannah Montana gave her body dysmorphia

X Factor mind control promo in UK

Sex with robots in 2050?

EPA won’t face fines over pollution

Oath keepers return to Ferguson, angering police

CBS airs blatant lie about infowars hiring ‘oathkeepers’

Fifth Planned Parenthood Video

When does a smart mouse become human?

New Hampshire University says ‘American’ is an offensive word – (New York 50 word language control on State tests – 2012 article from CBS NYC)

Planned Parenthood President made 39 visits to White House since 2009

American Exceptionalism to be an AP history classColorado to remove ‘negative’ history 2014

House passes bill blocking state from requiring GMO labels on food

Court bans CMP from releasing more Planned Parenthood videos

Planned Parenthood fakes a hack to acquire more donations

Gov. Brown fights global warming ‘deniers’ at Vatican conference

CDC says no more breastfeeding

Companies pull support of Planned Parenthood

CMP and Planned Parenthood videos of dealing in human flesh

General Wesley Clark Suggest putting Disloyal Americans in Internment Camps

Three assassinated Scientists investigating arctic ice

Air Conditioners are now Sexist?


Hacker remotely crashes Jeep from 10 miles away

ISIS transforming into functioning State that uses terror as tool

Chattanooga shooter linked to CIA, FBI asset Anwar Al-Awlaki

The mysterious village where people fall asleep for days

NASA just found Pluto has a tail

Queen’s Nazi salute footage raises pressure on royals to open archives

EdwardVIII Nazi salute 1937

FBI agents search Subway spokesman Jared Fogle’s home

Sarkozy election campaign funded by Libya

The worsening IRS Scandal

Jeb Bush says to just work more

Canada’s forced Schooling of Aboriginal Children was ‘Cultural Genocide’

Americans turn against fast food

Jim Carrey denounces California bill forcing children to be vaccinated

Digital Amnesia

Colours you can’t see

United Church minister reinstated after sexual allegations

NASA spots 3-mile pyramid and more lights on Ceres

Samsung ‘invisible’ trucks


France bans sale of Monsanto roundup

US Archbishops resign amidst sex abuse scandal

Cannibal tribes develops immunity to certain diseases

22 arrested in child sex ring including former disney workers (2014 sex ring)

anti-depressents and violent behaviour

8 Foods that should have warning labels

8 things that happen when you stop drinking diet soda

Strange lights on dwarf-planet Ceres

Conspiracy theorists say an Asteroid and Jade Helm connected

U.S. prepares plans for more troops in Iraq

U.S. Archbishop resigns amid sex abuse scandal

Bilderberg 2015 to focus on re-branding Authoritarianism

Isis fighter trained by State Department
Pentagon budget missing over $8 trillion
Subway to remove artificial ingredients
Organic Takeover: Toxic food producers lose $4 billion
Catholic archdiocese charged in sex aguse case
Kylie Jenner has questions about Chemtrails
PacSun shirt causes issue for upside down flag
Taco Bell, Pizza Hut remove artificial ingredients
Cleveland police & US Justice Department reach settlement
US claims a withhold on striking ISIS because of fear of civilian deaths
FBI admits Patriot Act didn’t net any terrorists
Abuses of operation Stingray
Global NON-GMO protests
19 kids and counting cancelled due to sexual accusations
Baby negligent against grenade?
Our Universe is a Matrix
Odd sounds heard around the world
The girl who gets gifts from birds
Did China Really Buy the State of Idaho
Hersh says White House is lying about killing of Osama Bin Laden
Chris Christie spends $83,000 of tax payer money on concessions
The Killing of Osama Bin Laden – by Seymour Hersh
Taylor Swift’s latest persona (Taylor Swift: Style Video)
US lowers fluoride in water, too much
Attorney: Spy chief ‘forgot’ about NSA program when he misled congress
Texas gunman trained by FBI
Measles vaccine supposedly thwarts other disease too

Vegan pot-lock eyed by Counterterrorism units
Warren Buffett: I don’t see smiles on the faces of those in Whole Foods
Jade Helm identifies US states as hostileDHS know when you are in the bathroom
Panera Bread ingredients to be worried aboutSelf-Driving Semi hits the roadConnected ‘smart’ devices and your privacyWhat those ‘healthy’ labels really meanMom calls police on 10-year-oldGMO controversy explained (supposedly)Eerie x-files sounds recorded from spaceTexas Guard called in to monitor Jade Helm exercise Dark Knight Colorado shooting photos shown in courtCriminal Charges in BaltimoreNational Guard called in to Keep peace in BALtimoreBALtimore erupts in riots after funeral of man who died in police custodyPolice targeted, stores looted in Baltimore riotsRiot, looting prompt state of emergency, curfew in BALtimoreSocial media captures fiery images of BALtimore unrestTeacher says he ran toward gunfire in Washington State school shootingAutomakers want you to stop repairing your own carsKate & William Celebrate fourth wedding anniversary Royals set for May babyKate Middleton is overdue for baby —–7,000 police in LA to wear body cameras, approved by commissionChile’s Calbuco volcano eruptsNepal quake death toll tops 4,000Chipotle removes GMOs from foodNew math shows universe in just two dimensionsNew Mass extinction event identified by geologist Sudan’s pyramids, nearly as grand as Egypt’sWatch DARPA’s magic bullets change direction to hit moving targetsTypson foods to cut human antibiotic usagePolice investigate alleged children remains at ballast orphanage California Orange County CPS sued for kidnapping 5,000 childrenShocker on CBS: Earth ‘Not as warm…as the climate models predicted’Diet Pepsi dropping aspartame on customer concerns


Pope accepts resignation of Robert FinnMystery of life solvedBlazing ring of fire in space10 Indoor plants to help you breath easierJapanese dissected live US POWsGeologist claims Jesus was married and had a sonRand Paul presidential storePrince Andrew strikes out claims 9-year-old destroys Florida’s new standardized testNew clock may end time as we know itAliens are enormous, Science suggests Humans came from another planet?Our ancestors Didn’t grunt or grumbleAstronauts get slapped with cross as part of ritualKansas schools shut down early because of lack of fundsStudy claims fast food is a recovery food after exercise Food for thought or sour taste? How ‘Food Babe’ nutritionist has forced menu changesShape-shifting liquid metal Study find frequencies outside Milky WayAncient structure in Indonesia – another pyramid over 9,000-years-oldKraft Cheese singles seen as a health food

Supreme court tuns down american flag ban case

Is this blood type the best?

Facebook says the world is an Illusion

Press to pay dispatches items with the touch of a button

Archeologists discover underground pyramid in Bolivia

Kim Kardashian and David Cameron are Cousins

Ancient mars may have had Monster Waves

New evidence identify Mystery object at Milky Way Galaxy core

Indiana Law denounced as invitation to discriminate

Pentagon propaganda leaflets show jihadists being fed into meat grinder

Fears of martial law as special ops set to swarm southwest and operated among civilians

Artificial Sweetener Saccharin shows promise in cancer treatment

Hillary Clinton says adults need ‘Fun Camps’

Coca-Cola caught paying health leaders to say soda is a ‘healthy snack’

White house warns Netanyahu that ‘occupation must end’

WHO report links weed killer of Monsanto to Cancer

It’s hard to find path n Israeli Palestinian Peace

New bullshit cure for cancer has the stench of BIG-Pharmasame story last year

Divisive issue of abortion stalls human trafficking bill

Most Doctors couldn’t spot a human-trafficking victim

New theory behind dozens of craters found in Siberia

Administration sets record for withholding government files

9-foot Butcher Crocodile likely ruled before dinosaurs

Data collection at schools: Big Brother watching your kids?

Officials are evacuating the city in Kazakhstan where villagers fall asleep at random

Pentagon can’t account for $500 million in weapons and military aid sent to Yemen

Nanorobots trial begins in humans

San Francisco cathedral ordered to remove ‘inhumane’ anti-homeless sprinklers

Mandatory Voting?


How Thatcher’s government covered up VIP pedophile Ring

Costly shift to new credit cards won’t fix security issues

Flu vaccine is only 18% effective says CDC

McDonalds size amplifies any menu changes

Dr. with Ebola made sick by Vaccine

Fatal shooting leaves 19-year-old dead

Lockheed Martin creates Laser named Athena

Fluoride in drinking water may trigger depression and weight gain, warn scientists

Body-camera maker has financial ties to police chiefs

Chilling playthings of Slender Man ‘stabber’: 12-year-old who nearly murdered classmate mutilated Barbies with cult-like symbols, drew cartoons about murder and made lists of attack supplies

Eating Healthy a ‘mental disorder’ now

Seven arrested for sex trafficking ring in Rochester

‘Cloud’ over Mars leaves scientists baffled

Pedophile priest victims urge action from pope

Obama adviser John Podesta’s biggest regret: Keeping America in dark about UFOs

Will first contact with aliens spell the end of civilisation? Experts discuss dangers of sending messages to ET

Obama administration approves world’s first browning-resistant apple as biotech food wars heat up again

‘I felt like a real-life blow up doll’: Two more sexual assault accusations brought against Bill Cosby, including one in Canada where there is no statute of limitations

TSA worker in Arkansas indicted on Child Pornography

NBC launches internal probe on Brian Williams claims

For police body cameras, big costs loom in storing footage

Stay away from Measles Parties warns Doctors

Measles traced to fully vaccinated patient

What Could Explain the Mysterious Ring in Antarctica?

Obama proposes new agency to make Americans’ food safer

Texas man arrested after trying to pay property taxes with folded bills

More families say no to Cows’ milk

How Islamic is the Islamic State?

Scientists Discover ‘Reset’ Button for Brain’s Biological Clock

NBC’s Brian Williams admits he was never on Helicopter forced down in Iraq

Vatican Bank may be too corrupt for Pope Francis

GOP lawmakers push back against ‘False Rumors’ promoted by Anti-Vaccine Movement

Woman says she was pushed by a Ghost in Chile – Security cam footage

Swedish company implants microchips in its staff

Radio show producers arrested in studio for ‘child porn’

Ancient Humans – Ancient Human Fossil complicates picture

Millions of gallons of oil settle at the bottom of the Gulf thanks to BP

Netanyahu should be investigated for Nuclear Weapons tech smuggling before US visit

GM Mosquitos sparks debate in Florida

ADHD drug can curb appetite says researchers

Pope says all dogs can go to heaven

Israel says Swedish FM not welcome

Turkish PM says Israeli ‘provocations’ radicalising Muslim world

UFO sighted in 1966 Nasa photo

Files from Government UFO investigation now online

Flu-stricken teen dies – flue spread rapidly (sure)

Al-Qaida claims responsibility for paris attacks

Muslims feel heated backlash after Paris attacks

Cia behind Paris attacks

Terrorist Kouachi shared home with ‘Underwear bomber’

(‘Underwear bomber worked for CIA)

Boy says he didn’t go to heaven, publisher says it will pull book

Paris cracks down on ‘hate’ speech

Gluten free options at Pizza Hut

Mysterious underground city over 5000 years old

Coronal hole spotted on the Sun

Not so fast – why do McDonald’s and Taco Bell meals appear ‘fresh’ after two YEARS in the open air?

17-year-old in court to stop child services from forcing her to obtain chemotherapy

Ancient indian aircraft-spaceship on agenda of major science conference

Sanctions on North Korea over sony cyber attack

Law enforcement hiding use of surveillance cell phone towers

Genetics of autism

Cia says UFO were them

Palestinians submit documents to join world court

Orange dwarf star solar system

Teen loneliness and technology

Box shaped rock on mars

Man photographs big foot in woods

‘Sex slave’ who claims she was forced to sleep with Prince Andrew was ‘promised to be looked after if she kept quiet’

Revealed: Bill Clinton, Mick Jagger and Donald Trump were in black book of Prince Andrew’s sex abuser friend Jeffrey Epstein

Bill Clinton identified in lawsuit against his former friend and pedophile Jeffrey Epstein who had ‘regular’ orgies at his Caribbean compound that the former president visited multiple times

Vast underground complex where Nazis developed nuclear weapons uncovered in Austria

Will World War 3 be fought over food?

NSA forced to spell out violations after suit

Key decision on drones likely from congress

Foot-long insect discovered

Police struggle to uncover threats…want more data mining

U.S. Infiltrates Cuba’s Hip-Hop Scene to spark anti-government protests

Holographic wrist band

3,600 year-old calendar let farmers track seasons

Bishop attacks John Lennon’s ‘imagine’

Did Giants exist on Earth?

Flu outbreak (fear-based rhetoric)

Leaked playbook shows how big oil fights clean energy

CDC Warns FLU Vaccine Effectiveness

Are we close to discovering Planet X?

Town taken over by Ten Thousand Crows

Bank burns Adam Lanza’s house

Prisoners eat better food: students hit back over school lunch programs

Protesters can’t stop checking their cell phones

10 Reasons our Universe is a Virtual Reality

Ouija boards are the must-have gift this Christmas

Martian meteorite may contain evidence of extraterrestrial life

Could religion survive contact with extraterrestrials

Mice implanted with human brain cells become smarter

Secret Space Program: NASA in constant touch with aliens

Limestone ‘Venus’ 23,000 years old dug up in France

DNA discovery raises new questions about the origins of life on Earth

Creature from deep surfaces on Russian beach

The most and least corrupt countries in the world

Largest stone carved by human hands

Parallel worlds could explain wacky quantum physics

Physicist claims evidence ancient nuclear explosions ended life on mars

Why the Sun’s 30-year Hibernations from this winter may lead to global food riots

Italy ‘Ndrangheta Arrest Update: Mafia initiation ceremony filmed

‘Miracle’ tech turns water into fuel

Mysterious burst of light over Russia

Robot Police in California

Is your religion ready to meet ET?

UFO hovering over Mexican nuclear plant caught on video

Cassini measures depth of biggest sea on Saturn’s moon Titan

Cosmic first: European spacecraft lands on comet

Extraordinary 5,000-Year-Old Human Footprints Discovered

Russian capital Moscow shrouded in noxious gas

Scientists have finally made it to the bottom of one of the Mysterious Siberian Holes

Gluten-Sensitivity for real?

Mom faces criminal charges because officials think being a vegan endangers her baby

Western diets must be abandoned for vegetarianism or greenhouse gases will rise by 80%

Morgan Geyser has improved enough to stand trial, doctors claim, in ‘Slender Man’ trial

Women have stronger orgasms if their partner is funny and if their families are rich

Obama: Regulated broadband internet like a utility so it ‘works for everyone’

Biggest Nutritional Myths

Ramen Noodles may lead to Chronic disease

Israel may have committed war crimes

Cyborg Cockroaches

Authentic Historical artifacts that are ‘unexplained’

Autism rise: Researchers look at why cases are increasing

McDonald’s McRib is really made of…

Florida girl paralyzed with brain infection days after receiving flu shot

Hiker finds fossilized turtle dating back 9 million years

For Lauderdale passes law restricting feeding of the homeless

Biggest Venomous Snake ever revealed in fossils

Bison Mummy dates back 9,000 years

New NSA Documents EO 12333

Ancient stone circles in Mideast baffle archaeologists

Lithuania bans energy drinks for minors

Milk may not be good for your health

6,000 Year Old Temple with possible Sacrificial Alters

Large underwater Statue

Mystery drone breaches airspace over French nuclear sites

Birth Season determines mood

Sex & Violence: Parents bothered less the more they see

10 Ghost stories that will haunt you for life

UFO Seen in 15th Century Painting of birthplace of Dracula

Earth-Sized UFO orbiting Sun

World’s Oldest Secret Code

Marysville School Shooting

Google[x] Nano Pill

Windowless Airplanes of the Future

4,000 Year-old CD-ROM disc code

Over 15,000 Fast and Furious documents seized by Executive privilege

DHS confiscates Royals underwear

Law lets IRS seize Accounts on Suspicion

70,000 Year-Old Mammoth Skeleton uncovered in Idaho

The Sun isn’t yellow – the Sky isn’t Blue

Peruvian dig reveals sacrificial mystery

New York Woman beheaded by man who kills himself

IRS Seizes Woman’s entire savings

Pink Slim in McDonalds burgers

Ebola is disaster of our generation says aid agency

Ebola panic spreading faster than sickness

Earth’s magnetic field could flip in human lifetime

Ebola escalation could trigger major food crisis

Storm god worship in Israel

Archaeologists discover mural depicting Hades’ abduction of Persephone

Lockheed makes breakthrough on fusion energy project

First hint of ‘life after death’ in biggest ever scientific study

Manchester UFO reports revealed by MOD

Amanda Bynes microchip & sexual abuse Article 1 & Article 2

Over 50 ancient geoglyphs, including swastika, found in Khazakhstan

Crystals that release and absorb oxygen on command

Antarctic sea ice hits record high

Colorado to remove ‘negative’ history

NSA documents on Project Sentry-Eagle

UFO dives for cover in France

UFO Florida Cruise Ship

New app allows you to spy on your neighbour for watering their lawn too much

Hitler and Eva Braun had sex without touching each other

GlaxoSmithKline bribery network

Black-Eyed Children

The first Kindle book collection

Witnesses see 9/11 hijackers at Boston Airport before attack

Image of Jesus clean-shaven

Ancient Doodles

Innovation Stone Age Tools were not African invention, says researchers

Monsanto Glyphosates causing super-weeds

Remote turn off of Car engines for non payments

Scientists create shape-shifting metal

Antidepressants alter brain structure

Sports drinks promoted by athletes have no proven benefits

Much of Earth’s water is older than the Sun

Chinese discovery puts evolutionary accuracy in question

Rob Schneider tv ad dropped over ‘anti vaccine’ views

Idea of New Attention Disorder Spurs Research, and debate

Did ancient people really have lifespans longer than 200 years?

U.S. owns Patent on Ebola

Crest removes microbeads from toothpaste but leaves fluoride

Militants threaten ancient sites in Iraq/Syria

37 lies Americans tell themselves

Americans know little about their government – survey

Animal cruelty at pizza hut, papa johns and dominos

Six common food ingredients people fear (4 are GM)

From arthritis to thyroid problems, even weight gain…why superfoods could be BAD for you

U.S. Army report urges preparations for troops to occupy NYC

Citric Acid comes from GMO black mold

Anti-Obesidy Drug enters market

General Mills buys Annie’s

Pilot given Kamikaze mission on 9/11

Yahoo threatened with huge fine over surveillance

Everything you need to know about the milk you’re drinking

Home Depot Hacked

Leaked Nude Celebrity photos

Largest U.S. bank hacked

‘Telepathy’ experiment sends 1st mental message

FDA approves Merck’s New-Wave Cancer Drug

Henry Kissinger on the NWO

$1 Trillion trove of fare minerals revealed under Afghanistan

“Astoundingly huge” dinosaur skeleton unearthed

Farms of artificial humans to replace animal testing within three years

F-16s dispatched for unresponsive pilot of small plane her D.C.

Tracking everywhere: Private companies offer worldwide spying tools

7 Ingredients nutritionists always avoid

Can burning a candle affect your health?

Fish adapt to life outside water by learning to walk

Solar collection mirrors scorch and kill birds in mid-air

Mystery of Death Valley’s ‘Sailing Stones’ has finally been solved

Racetrack Playa mystery in Death Valley solved

6 Vegetables that might save your life

More Mysterious Holes Appear, This Time In Mount Baldy, Indiana

Giant crack in Earth in Mexico sparks fears, stuns scientists

Internet Trolls are actually sadists, study finds

‘Thigh Bone’ on Mars seen in new curiosity photo

Israel says it found Hamas training manual in Gaza

C-SPAN – Conspiracy Theories threat to U.S. national security

6 ways the food industry is duping you at the grocery store

Japan to launch military space force: report

Burger King admits it has been selling beef burgers and Whoppers containing horsemeat

UN warns half a million are now homeless, medical supplies are running out and morgues are overflowing
Limit global population to stabilise climate, says India minister

Palestinian shift brings war crimes case closer to Israel

Netanyahu asks US to help Israel avoid war crime charges

CIA ‘torture’ report could put Americans and embassies in harm’s way, warn intelligence officials

Preparing to be King: Prince William says goodbye to RAF

Coral miles away still show effects years after BP oil spill

Mysterious Sinkholes May Be Threatening The World’s Sixth-Tallest Building

Pope Francis: ‘About 2%’ of Catholic clergy paedophiles

McDouble is ‘cheapest and most nutritious food in human history & 11 Diet Foods That Make You Fat (Newspeak)
FBI pushed Muslims to plot terrorist attacks: rights report
McDonald’s, KFC in China face new food scandal

Israel’s Netanyahu warns U.S.: Never ‘second guess me again’ on Hamas

In NYC, Front Doors Are for the One Percent

FBI’s billion dollar facial recognition falls short of Facebook’s

UN must urgently investigate war crimes in Israeli-Gaza conflict – Amnesty Intl

Buzz Aldrin Opens Up About ‘UFO’ Encounter, Mars Colony Hopes

Mars ‘UFO’ Controversy Ignited By Curiosity Rover Images

Chile Releases Official Study on UFO Photos

Methane explosion? Meteorite crater? Scientists baffled by gigantic 262ft hole that has appeared at Siberia’s ‘End of The World’

First pictures from inside the ‘crater at the end of the world’

Warning over 175 dangerous chemicals found in food packaging: Substances are linked to cancer, fertility and birth defects

BBC staff told to stop inviting cranks on to science programmes

Children’s homes were ‘supply line’ for paedophiles, says ex-minister


Labour Lord’s ‘sex attacks on 12 children’: ‘Horrific’ allegations include rape and serious sexual assaults MoS reveals

The scandal of fiddled global warming data

UN warns Britain over child voodoo rituals, pedophile sex tourists

Three American friends hospitalised after becoming ‘possessed’ following Ouija board game in Mexican village

By 2045 ‘The Top Species Will No Longer Be Humans,’ And That Could Be A Problem

Best and worst fast-food restaurants in America

Yeti, Big Foot debunked: DNA reveals the bear facts

Jimmy Savile got rape victim, 16, PREGNANT and told her to threaten suicide if she was denied an abortion – (Jimmy Savile made jewellery from dead patients’ glass eyes)

US Says Killing Americans Suspected of Terrorism Justified by Laws of War

White supremacist couple who killed two cops and an innocent Walmart shopper ‘wanted to overthrow the government and liked to dress up as the Slender Man’

What Is Slender Man? A Meme’s Possible Role in Wisconsin Stabbing

911 Call Released in Waukesha ‘Slender Man’ Stabbings

Revealed: How the Nazis helped German companies Bosch, Mercedes, Deutsche Bank and VW get VERY rich using 300,000 concentration camp slaves

Bodies of 800 babies, long-dead, found in septic tank at former Irish home for unwed mothers

St. Louis Archbishop Didn’t Know Sex With Children Was a Crime

Glenn Greenwald: how the NSA tampers with US-made internet routers

Left-handed fetuses could show effects of maternal stress on unborn babies

Ex-Cop and Jeb Bush Appointee Claims the Newtown Massacre Never Happened

Pope says ‘no privileges’ for bishops on abuse

Pope Francis says he might retire

Taco Bell Reveals Its Mystery Beef Ingredients
Blue UFO Spotted Over The Netherlands (VIDEO)
A Conspiracy Theory for Everyone in New Clinton Docs
Top Hollywood bosses – including former Fox head, top BBC executive and Disney TV president -accused alongside X-men director Brian Singer of abusing young boys
The laser that can make it rain: Researchers unveil radical system to start storms and create lightning on command
Wichita’s mystery in the sky

Infants ‘unable to use toy building blocks’ due to iPad addiction

Groundbreaking New Study: 42% of Drug Reactions are Vaccine Related

Measles Outbreak Traced to Fully Vaccinated Patient for First Time


Is your home’s energy meter spying on you?

Psychiatric evaluation ordered for man charged in Boston bomb hoax

10 Reasons Why Handheld Devices Should Be Banned for Children Under the Age of 12
Historic! Feds Forced to Surrender to American Citizens

Fort Hood shooter was on anti-depression medication

Shooting Suspect Recorded Yelling ‘Heil Hitler’ During Arrest (3 dead)

Global Cooling – The REAL Inconvenient Truth: Part 1
Moon’s Age Revealed, and a Lunar Mystery May Be Solved
EPA Tested Deadly Pollutants On Humans To Push Obama Admin’s Agenda
Fort Hood shooter Ivan Lopez had mental problems, saw no combat in Iraq
Du Pont heir accused of raping 2nd child in lawsuit
Newly Found Megalithic Ruins In Russia Contain The Largest Blocks Of Stone Ever Discovered
Katy Perry – Dark Horse Video (Look for the symbolism)
Homeland Security to Activate ‘National License Plate Recognition Database’US army builds fake city to shoot at during training (Martial Law)

Exposing what lies beneath the bodies of dead bankers and what lies ahead for us

JP Morgan Executive Becomes 5th Banker to Die in Last 2 Weeks

Son says his mother was no threat when she was shot and killed by deputy

Bastrop County sheriff responds to investigationsSeattle construction workers unearth mammoth tusk

Global warming? No, actually we’re cooling, claim scientists

Monster Sunspot Larger Than Jupiter Stars in Amazing Sun Photos

Americans Killed By Cops Now Outnumber Americans Killed In Iraq War

Mobile phones DON’T cause cancer, BUT they actually DO cause cancer.

Occult GrammysDid Alien Life Evolve Just After the Big Bang?

TSA Spent $900 Million on Behavior Detection Officers Who Detected 0 Terrorists

Iran Says ‘Tall, White’ Space Aliens Control America

Iranian news agency says the U.S. is secretly run by Nazi space aliens. Really.

Aliens on Earth, Admits Canadian Minister of Defense

Canada’s ex-defense minister: Aliens would give us more tech if we’d stop wars

Autism and Alternative Medicine: Getting Real About the Benefits and Risks

Americans warned of imminent, deadly meteor strikes
It got so cold so quickly in this Norwegian bay that it froze a bunch of fish swimming in itReports of UFO Sightings Across California

Coming soon…the ‘Star Wars’ phone that lets you talk to holograms of your loved ones

It’s medicine Jim, but not as we know it: Scientists build Star Trek-style tricorder that scans for signs of disease
Elaborate crop circle draws crowds in California

Satanic Temple unveils 7-foot goat-headed Baphomet statue for Oklahoma Capitol

Voluntary government checkpoints spark backlash

Ex-DARPA Head Wants You to Swallow ID Microchips

Body mapping shows where emotions affect us the most

Fukushima Meltdowns: A Global Conspiracy of Denial

Underground Nuclear Explosion At Crippled Japan Atomic Plant Shocks The World

Sun ‘flips upside down’ while reversing magnetic poles

Original Cheerios to Go GMO-Free

Ancient Spider Rock Art Sparks Archaeological Mystery

Senate sends defense bill to Obama – NDAA 2014

McDonald’s Advises Its Employees To Stay Away From Fast Food

Five Philadelphia priests suspended, one accused of sexual abuse

Mexican Government Releases Proof of E.T.’s and Ancient Space TravelPart 2

New Twist In Decades Old Alien Autopsy Controversy

Inside the Saudi 9/11 coverup

US Court: Negligence Not Cause of 3rd WTC Collapse

Simulations back up theory that Universe is a hologram

New US school shooting on eve of Newtown anniversary

Kansas man arrested in terror bomb plot at Mid-Continent Airport in Wichita

Scientists search for clues in sea star die-off

Chick-Fil-A Removing Artificial Dye, High Fructose Corn Syrup

Stonehenge unveils its £27m makeover in time for the winter solstice

Bubonic plague killed 20 villagers in Madagascar, health experts confirm

Hawaii’s health director dies as small plane with nine people on board crashes off island

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