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Air Force admits to super secret THOR weapon with force of nuclear bombs

Schools are to ban best friends

National Anthem to be banned in SF

Obama’s portrait shows elitist slavery pedophillia, according to infowars reporter?

ESPN admits to spying through your tele screen (Cameras in tv boxCIA turns gadgets into weapons – Spy on you through dishwasher)

Boise, ID priest had LSD and hundreds  of child porn images

Flu season deaths are at the highest ever? (4,000 a week)

Amazon developed AI chip for Alexa

Obama artist past work depicts blacks killing whites

Boston Dynamics creates dog robot that is exactly like Black Mirror Methelhead

AI will be billions of times smarter than humans

Electronic Sking can help robots determine how much pressure they apply (electronic skin)

Father-daughter dance cancelled over gender issue (same thing happened in 2012)

Girl in slenderman stabbing gets maximum sentence

Eating like Tom Brady for a week

Soy is the best plant-based alternative says study

Scientists create 3D hologram by trapping particles

Ford files for patent for an autonomous police cars to give you AI tickets

Tractor beams levitate orbs with sound

Universal Flu vaccines now?

Another fossil rewrites History

Cuckholding can be positive for relationships?

Living without trash

Brigitte Bardot says #MeToo is hypocritical 

Global Warming Scenarios not as accurate as thought

Captive children exported further to push for a crackdown on homeschooling

Now smart labels at grocery stores – Kroger

Chocolate is responsible for longevity?

Huge water reserves found on Mars

Hypatia stone rattles status quo of solar system

AR helps you decide the eyebrows you should have

Singer Moby says CIA asked him to tweet about Trump

Rainbow bird dinosaur found in China by farmer

Prime Minster of Israel – his son is an elite scumbag like him

Living with Slenderman

Smart Underwear is here

Smart Bathrooms check your stool

Cuba Sonic attack being called for what it is

NASA finds access to water all over Mars

NSA maintains wiretapping abilities

Bat brains fry in heat

5am Ice baths to be healthy?

Alexa inside of smart glasses

Ibuprofen leads to severe problems in men and reduces empathy

Dunkin Donuts eliminates artificial dyes

Siri and Alexa join you in the shower

Smart Wine bottle opener doesn’t remove cork

Rise of Deadly Superbug fueled by Sugar

Hillary Clinton backer paid to spread rumor of Trump sexual misconduct

Robot helps you grow your own food

Cars could soon read your mind

Collecting raw water seen as dangerous and a new trend

Fitbit collected billions of points of data from users

I Deputy killed, six wounded in Colorado shooting

Sheriff’s Deputy killed and six other people hurt in another Colorado shooting

Forget the blood of teens, a new pill offers longer life (Peter Their) (Stanford Mice blood)

High intelligence is a risk factor for psychological and physiological problems

Media once again cannot even define a word properly

Sexual Assault allegations continuing to destroy Disney Corporations

FDA approves first shocks wave device made to heal wounds

“UFO” spotted in California, classified as SpaceX rocket

“UFO” seen from LA to Phoenix, apparently moving west to east rather than upwards

SpaceX rocket launches from 2017

AR & VR to take a part in the food industry

DHS facial recognition program inaccurate

Humanoid robot does pushups and even sweats

Head of Pentagon’s secret ‘UFO’ office sought to make evidence public

UFO Videos released by Pentagon

Dying poor bear roams iceless land, we are told

Monsanto offers money to buy their product

Chipotle under continuous attack

Disney exec suspended on accusations of child sex crimes

Dennis Rodman says he knows what North Korea wants

Hormone pills linked to breast cancer

Coast Guard operating secret prisons like Obama black sites in Chicago

Obama blames Hitler for 60 million deaths and refers to Trump in the same light

Brain abnormalities found in victims of sonic attack in Cuba

Flu vaccine will not be more than 10% effective

Nvidia AI able to change reality in moments

Google to begin censoring more content on Youtube

US Federal Reserve offers warning on Bitcoin

Android will flag snooping apps even though they are underwritten by the NSA

Flu season once more promoted as a “whopper”

Yeti DNA sampled

LAPD Chief expects even more high profile sex abuse cases from Hollywood

Flipping Robot from Boston Dynamics provokes warning from Elon Musk

Saudi Arabian robot citizens wants a baby and to destroy mankind

Mysterious booms being heard around the world and increasing

AI is considered the next phase of human evolution

Another shooting at a school exploits the death of children and insists “our new reality” is this type of violence, although thousands die every day from preventive disease

Coke shifts blame on who is responsible for their products causing obesity

Adam Lanza interest in Pedophillia

Sean Parker says Facebook exploits human psychology

Harvey Weinstein turns to the black cube for help

Video cameras made by China are monitoring the US

Zombie ants infested by parasites

Skulls to rewrite human origin story

260 million year old forest found in Antarctica

Health improvements form switching from GMO

People don’t like real food, and would prefer uniform slop

Monsanto weedkiller found in increased amounts in humans

Houston suburb told they must not boycott Israeli if they want money

Hollywood Men afraid to speak out about abuse

Woman sentenced to holocaust denial again for a fifth time

US stood by as Indonesia killed a half-milion people

Anne Frank costume causes an outrage but you can wear communist regalia

Sex sting leads to 277 arrests in florida

FBI operation to rescue kids from trafficking children

FBI rescues infant and five year old in child sex sting

122 arrested in national sex trafficking sting

100s die each day from cell phone use

UK spies using social media to spy

Flying insects disappear from nature preserve

Egypt taken down by by volcano

Barbar Walters shuts down Corey Feldman on pedophillia

9 States will require passports for domestic flights inside the US 

WIFI vulnerable to hacking

Google Home device uploads recordings as if that’s a surprise

What was supposedly heard in the Cuba “sonic” attack

Hole the size of Main opens in Antarctica

Stephen Paddock was a “numbers guy” & calculated death tolls

Harvey Weinstein Paid off Sexual Harassment Victims for years

Another mass shooter on pharmaceutical medication

Stephen Padoock somehow got 23 guns into his hotel room

Deadliest mass shooting in US History in Las Vegas

Woman screams out “you’re all going to fucking die” before shooting

Women reportedly warned festival goers of mass shooting 45minutes before

Stephen Paddock was just an average white male

White men blamed for mass shootings in higher numbers than others

Mysterious 100,000 wire transfer before Vegas shooting

Police dismiss multiple shooters in Vegas

Videos suggest multiple shooters

Two windows broken at the Mandalay Bay hotel in Vegas

More ancient fossils reveal humans emerged hundreds of thousands of years before thought

Lost content of Zealandia!

JP Morgan suggests to bet against CBS for NFL anthem issue

Alexa smart home to deliver everything you “need” to know

Moscow fits security cameras with facial recognition

Anthony Weiner sentenced to 21 months in sexting case

Joe Biden will give 1984 style news briefings over AI devices like Echo

Archeologists once again claim they know how the Giza Pyramids were built

Now David Meade makes a more vague prediction that can be proven by anything

Yet another earthquake rocks Mexico

Earthquake strikes off the west coast – US

Smart Crib sold to lazy parents

CO2 and food, sacrificing quality for quantity

Massive earthquakes rocks coast of Japan near Fukushima

Another massive earthquake rocks Mexico and no mention of climate change

Another which casts a spell on the President

Man walks around with Swastika and gets beat up but the hammer & sickle is loved

Synthetic Muscle can hold thousands of times its weight

Will the world end on September 23

CNN cuts off black Trump supporter

Neil deGrasse Tyson turns the argument on Climate Change around

Tom Brady diet mocked because it is good for you

European Glyphosate safety report copied from Monsanto study

Americans know nothing about the Constitution

What is in that carbonated beverage?

Climate Change “deniers” might be slated for criminal offenses

USDA sued for barbarically killing millions of wild animals

Mosquito-killing fungi engineered with spider and scorpion toxins

AI can determine sexuality from photographs

Massive solar flare unleashed and its affects

2300 Earthquake swarm around Yellowstone 

FEMA extorting Federal Government for funds in wake of Irma?

Security firm hit with another massive data breach

Security firm sold $2 million in stocks after cyberattack

Dating site eHarmony makes connection with artificial intelligence

Obesity continues to move upward statistically

Store stops selling “boys” and “girls” clothing

Panera bread wants you to know sweet facts about drinks / same PR stunt Coke used in response to Tom Brady

Historical accuracy is divided amongst many narratives

Pope blames ecology crisis on moral decay

Biker arrested after he was hit on bike by police car

Nurse arrested refusing to forcibly take blood from person

FDA recalls half a million pacemakers because of hacking fears

Scientists say humans didn’t exist before 350,000 BC but Unicorns did

Donations to ADL spiked 1000 % since Virginia clashes

Johnson & Johnson hit with half a billion dollar fine for powder casting cancer

Flat Earthers claim eclipse proves Earth is flat

Forbes says ingesting pesticides is not a bad thing

The Swastika in America but not in Germany

Protesters obsessed with Jews?

5 dead after FDA-approved balloon obesity treatment

Monsanto knew about PCB danger and sold them anyway

US Diplomats hit by sonic weapon?

Millennials spending habits compared with older generations

Malicious code infects computer, written on DNA

Cutting out sugar for two weeks has incredible benefits

Elite sex parties and rituals exposed in new book

The newest dinosaur is huge, as heavy as the space shuttle

Microchipped cards not as safe as thought, big surprise

Papa Johns says not to eat gluten free crust if you are allergic to gluten

99-million year old bird found

Catholic Priest caught bringing 13-year old to motel for sex after paying pimp

An inconvenient truth about Al Gore’s new movie

Google’s AI taught itself to walk

Ancient Egyptian Pharaoh is one of the tallest

DOA says to use term ‘weather extremes’ instead of ‘climate change’

Your fingerprint is now your ticket at some sporting events

These are the top fears people have in the world

Eating beans instead of beef

Monsanto emails internally show company knew about dangers of products

Nutritionists say you should go to McDonalds

Nutritionists say to stop dong these things

Transgender 8-year old Sues over emotional distress

Monsanto apparently has the only “real information” on GMO

Monsanto openly colliding with EPA

17 States Investigated for Dicamba usage

Once again scientists prove they know little about health

Planet has just 5% chance of reaching climate goal so more aggressive measures needed

More pressure to make it illegal not to get vaccinated

GM blue flower presented as first blue rosethis was announced in 2008 already

Facebook AI creates its own language and gets shut down

Jet Blue & Delta facial recognition

Astronauts had their lives changed by interacting with aliens

Mom uses breast milk to make brownies

Did Antidepressants make James Holmes a killer? 

CRISPR gene edited “designer” embryos

Wells Fargo now involved in a car insurance scam

Cancer-causing pollutants detected in most tap water US

TSA is nearly ineffective in doing any part of their job

Stupid ignorant twitter user exploits other people’s ignorance about pentagrams

Antidepressants linked to murders

Company to install microchips in employees

Geoengineering to alter environment to fight climate change

Megamyths about farming and food

The Chipotle Conspiracy is gaining steam & One Employee is partly to blame some say

Ben & Jerry’s with weedkiller flavor

Men can get periods now

General Mills lawsuit pertaining to granola bars and glyphosate

Pope’s treasurer faces sex abuse charges in Australia

Child molesting Speaker of the House freed after a year

Billions in student loans may be forgiven

Bill circulates making it a felony to boycott Israel

Artificial Sweetners cause weight gain and health issues

Stone Age engravings can only be seen at night

What’s really in your mac and cheese?

The war on cash intensifies with visa offering money to stop accepting money

Robots and AI get more dates than you

UN says educations threatens sustainability – UNESCO document

Facebook’s AI creating language of its own

EPA to decide on safety of RoundUp years after it has been unloaded in tons on crops

Teleportation accomplished with photons

Bottled water comes mostly from the tap

NEST Camera from google has facial recognition

Scientists warn of biological annihilation

Google pays academia to support their agenda

Fox News nearly gets it right for once on Russia

Cancer more common than getting married or having children

New Mexico police sued over refusal to detail usage of stingray spy equipment

Electrified drops make mini planets in experiment

Opoiod crisis hits record proportions 

Hayden Cross becomes first British man to have a baby

Two British men/women have a baby

USDA proposal to approve first genetically engineered forest tree

Soy milk under attack again by the dairy industry

Sex scandals continue to rock Vatican

Vatican cardinal charged with sex crimes

Low-income families spend 40% of their money on luxuries

Baby born and listed as unidentifiable in Canada

NASA curiosity rover photos are sensational or real?

NASA says they have no evidence of aliens

Wells Fargo frauds continue on

EPA chief under fire for allowing Dow pesticide after meeting with the company’s CEO

Climate change could prevent food from getting around the world

Feds explain why Jeffrey Epstein got a sweet deal

CIA hacks computers not connected to the internet

Will millennials give up meat to ‘save the planet’

Weird orbit of planets suggest a 10th on the outskirts of solar system

You should eat the top of the strawberry

Monsanto’s Dicamba Problems worsen

3,000 year old wooden prosthetic toe found

World Population to reach near 10 billion in 2050 says UN

Flu Vaccine ineffective on elderly

The gross water of airlines for your tea and coffee

Ex Texas nurse guilty of killing 60 kids

Scientists suggest another planet is lurking outside our solar system

Supreme Court rules there is no exception to “Hate Speech”

Babies can recognize faces in the womb

Conspiracy theories are normalized in our culture due to uncertainty

Making fruits & veggies cheaper could ave a lot of money

Nestle selling rights to traditional candy bars

McDonalds tries a new flavor to regain customer trust

Couple lives on Universal Energy, they claim

Human project study to acquire every detail of information about participants 

Scientists say they may have found the 8th wonder of the world

The reason why most men cheat according to research

Rapper “Prodigy” pronounced dead at 42

CNN blames hot deserts on climate change

97% Consensus on Climate Change

Researchers claim they figured out the reason why those with Autism don’t look into your eyes 

Amazon bought Whole Foods market

Broccoli shouldn’t be boiled but microwaved reports say

75 years of lies & Anne Frank

Coconut oil considered unhealthy

Hackers can access Amazon Echo devices and steal information

4,000 more troops heading to AfghanistanUTIS

Americans more covered about Government in Gallup pole, but not media or war

AI says it is good for humankind

EPAs Inspector General probing whether staffer colluded with Monsanto

Tv in bedroom increases risk of obesity

EU proposes 1–year license renewal for key ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup

Robots deserve Human Rights?

5 brain hacks in development

Scientist says WOW alien signal came from a comet

Leaving Paris accord now said to cause illness

CRISPR gene editing proven to cause mass mutations in mice

CRISPR genetic engineering not as safe as once thought

Jet Blue to bring in facial recognition for passengers

World Bank backed report calls for $4 trillion carbon tax

Beyond Meat: Artificial Meat produced by animal products

Whales are big, according to researchers, because of Climate Change

Donald Trump & Alex Jones attacked as “fake” and dangerous by fake media

CNN caught staging news in London

Kathy Griffin blames Trump for apparently making her hold up his severed head in photo

Harvard pulls admission for students for using “hateful” memes

Riots in Portland between anti fascist fascists

Aerospace Executive convinced there are  aliens on Earth

Kathy Griffin holds beheaded Trump in photoshoot

Supplements more dangerous than processed foods, Harvard says

California bill may remove drug company gifts to doctors

“Smart” genes reportedly responsible for some part of intelligence

Column claims people refusing vaccines spread fear while they spread fear about disease

$142 million awarded to families injured by vaccines

State demands kids get vaccines and show up to school on time

Russia claims US has evidence of massive UFO near Sun

Bradley/Chelsea Manning has been released from prison

Oxford girl gets off for stabbing boyfriend because of a talent

The dangers of a massive solar EMP

Earth scientists guess how the planet was formed

Fukushima gave everyone on Earth radiation

Syria compared to Hitler with erroneous claims of mass murder

MonsantoBayer paying trolls online?

Discussed for George Soros called anti semitism

10 Climate damaging foods

Breast Milk discovered as a cancer treatment

Breast Milk greatly beneficial to a babies’ intestines and immune system

Avocados blamed for poor millennials

Avocados are not cutting people, knifes are

Scientists say they proof god exists

Pope Francis acknowledges masses trove of abuses cases not processed

Robots that pick apples

Sensational ISS UFO claims

Nearly 900 Suspected child abusers arrested

Underage age sex and child abuse a “normal” part of growing up in UK

Japan’s huge population crisis

More sensationalized UFO findings

Staring at a screen causes speech delays in children

anti-Vaxxers blamed for outbreak of illness

100% fruit juice is like drinking candy

UN urges action over ocean plastic

Climate of complete certainty based on faulty scientists

Time is considered racist at Clemson

Ex-Banker claims he was invited to take part in child sacrifice

Breast feeding is considered unethical because it reinforced gender roles

Government working with the companies they regulate to promote their products

One minute audio sample used to steal your voice

One third of honey bee colonies have died

AI in the world of medicine

Hundreds of civilians killed by US according to Pentagon

Aaron Hernandez drew “illuminati” symbol on cell before killing himself

Amazon virtual stylist raises privacy concerns 

Artificial Intelligence to make twirlers and sell underwear

Energy drinks damage the heart – JAMA

Glyphosate can harm Fetuses says new study

Boise University to counter free speech

Artificial wombs now a reality

Coca Cola to add fiber to convince people to buy their garbage

AI to takeover half of jobs in next decade

Bose headphones Spy on listeners says lawsuit

Unicorn drink is no more, say hi to the Dragon & Mermaid

Humans change Earth soil after death, another attempt at dehumanization

Should removing a condom during sex be a crime? Can women not commit sexual crimes?

Aliens may have existed in our solar system long before us

Ancient documentation of global changing event

Science Marches by marches who don’t know what science is

Diet drinks triple your risk of dementia

Harvard Researchers find copy of DOI in UK

Walking up steps may be better than caffeine for energy

Where did Easter as a name stem from ?

Study suggests frozen veggies are as beneficial or better than fresh veggies

Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino is horrible – Ingredients unveiled

DowChemical pushes regulators to scrap study of pesticide (PDF of letter)

Students vote to get rid of American flag

Adidas apologizes for advertisement

Facebook promoted scam ads based on fake news headlines

This is your child on pot, but apparently no concerns drawn on sugar

Racism apparently motivated most Trump supporters but not Obama fans

Foster parents have child taken for not lying to them about Easter

New details in Orlando nightclub shooting

GOP bill to give access to personal genetic information

Maryland cuts sugar drink consumption without tax

Drinking milk does not prevent broken bones and may lead to rapid death

Coke producing 100 billion throw away bottles a year

US drops MOAB on ISIS in Afghanistan

Tunnels bombed by US in Afghanistan built by CIA says Wikileaks

US soldiers land in Europe, edging closer to Russia

Humanity is already losing control of artificial intelligence

Tech firm suggests humans will soon be able to choose to live in VR

US Navy fund BIG-Bro bot with unprecedented surveillance

Facebook unleashes AI messenger

US-led coalition air strike kills at least 15 civilians west of Raqqa

US launches missile attack against Syria with no evidence

Trumps overnight turn on Syria

Robots take over mowing lawns

KFC to remove antibiotics

AI pioneer says don’t fear robot takeover

Nigerians boycot Coca-Cola as dangerous poison

Human waste found in Irish Coca-Cola

Can this device provide a better night’s sleep?

Mom says family treated like criminals at TSA screening

The Dark Internet is composed of drugs, guns and apparently conspiracies

Ex-Penn State president guilty

Big brands pull ads from Youtube over content which will be used for censorship

Bones that harvest energy and drug delivering tattoos

The fake news about fake news like fake news stories like pizzagate

USDA drops plan to test food for RoundUP

Member of UN steps down after accusing Israel of being an Apartheid

Israel defies UN again on settlement building

High dose of vitamin C stops cancer

Diet mistakes most people are making

Science says this is the best way to learn

Futurist ideals suggest babies will be grown in artificial wombs

Americans leaving behind huge debts

New Drone recorder under water and flies in rain

Judge removed from TV again, claiming British intelligence helped Obama spy on Trump

Robotic insects could render humanity nonexistent

Backyard gene editing is dangerous enough, moral questions proposed

Anti-Donald Trump billboard is stunningly ignorant

Clean eating grocery list perpetuates healthy eating as costing too much

Samantha the AI sex robot with functioning everything

Norway tops the chart for happiest country, US drops again

George Soros groups thinks to fund anti-Trump protests

David Rockefeller dead at 101

Tim Allen aware of the police state

Internal documents reveal Monsanto worked to deceive everyone about glyphosate

Smart tattoos turn skin into phone control

Amazon gives up fight for data of Alexa in murder trial

First fluorescent frog around in Argentina

Considered “anti semitic” more fliers found on Chicago campus

Colleges remove scales from gym because it is ‘triggering’

4-5 Oklahoma City Students can’t read a clock

Alexa may start talking to you out of nowhere now

Syria blamed for bombing Damascus water supply

New FDA appointee has ties to wall street

Arctic Ice loss is natural not manmade

2 Penn State administrators plead guilty in sex abuse case

Small molecule to have big future in global food

Your brain could be used as a password

Teen forced to have sex with 1000 men

McDonalds accepts that it is ‘fast food’

Israel attempts to battle boycott against self

Ancient metal possibly Atlantean discovered in shipwreck

Meats and Salt tied to death while seeds and nuts, veggies and fruits to health

Wikileaks publishes CIA trove alleging massive spying and hacking

CIA documents leaked show car hijacking discussed – vault 7 leak Wikileaks

TSA expands more invasive putdowns

Brian-controlled robots can read your mind

Soldiers to possibly fight ‘Terminator’ robots

Trump budget cut to climate hoax budgeting

UFO Hunters claim to have witnessed black cube defending from sky

Mars may have been covered in water

Idiots don’t even know what a UFO is yet mock the acronym

Millions of kids being shaped by AI devices

Growing tissue gifts on humanoid robots

3 teen girls kidnapped and killed in ‘Satanic Ritual’

Smart Condoms to rate performance

Mass grave at ex-Catholic orphanage in Ireland

Dairy industry upset over competition in ‘milk’

Customers call Burger King disgusting

Coke is poison and McDonalds makes sure it doesn’t taste like it

Debunking ‘alternative facts’ about pesticides

Netflix: Our future audience may be AI lifeforms

Study finds Subway chicken is only half chicken

House Intelligence Chair wants Bin Laden Raid documents released

Antarctica hits high temperature since recorded

Microbes survived inside giant crystals for 50,000 years

Pope Francis cuts penalties for paedophile priests

Amazon says Alexa data is protected by the First Amendment

Human brain converts glucose into fructose

Off-Duty cop in scuffle with teenagers

Off-Duty cop fires gun at ground in scuffle

Chicago murder rate already reaching higher levels than previous year

Stephen Colbert attacks Alex Jones on air

Small ponds now blamed for Global Warming

Killing hogs to save profit

MSNBC anchor declares it the media’s job to control what people think

Seven habitat exoplanets found

NASA to reveal discovery beyond our solar system

Super Life found in crystal

Mark Zuckerberg going to use AI to spy on users

Bill Gates warns of bioterrorism

Bill Gates says pandemic could wipe out 30 million

Man behind first world trade center bombing dies

Kraft Heinz bids billions for Unilever

Kraft merger would bring together these brands

USDA doesn’t care about GMO but wants ‘best if used by’

Virtual Reality is bringing lost worlds back to life

Amazon drone to parachute parcels into your yard

Amazon AI to make phone calls with new feature

Ashton Kutcher’s organization identifies 2,000 child victims in child trafficking

Jerry Sandusky son arrested on child sex charges

Racism blame for flint water crisis

Tim Cook says Fake News is killing people’s minds

Fox News clashes over Fake News

United Airline pilot rants about Trump and Clinton then gets removed from plane

Radiation levels too high for robot at Fukashima

Radiation levels thousands of times above what was believed, called incredible by media

Record radiation levels reached at Fukushima

Fukushima radiation at highest level since 2011 meltdown

Radiation levels high enough to kill humans in short time

Arsenic removed from rice by soaking it overnight

Robot keeps heart pumping by squeezing and twisting

Meet the ‘Bat Bot’ that flies like a real bat

Drones to replace bees

Archeologists discover new Dead Sea Scrolls cave

Yale University finds vaccine – brain disorder connection

Well Fargo cutting bonuses from top positions

Lady GaGa super bowl performance

Lady GaGa hellish performance in pictures

High prices turning millennial into serfs

Mischa Barton hollywood occult breakdown

Protests before super bowl

Who sent the thugs to Berkeley

Horrifying new robot from Boston Dynamics and Google

Cut cancer risks by 30% or more

Trump tells Israel to stop building settlements

Berkley protests funded by George Soros

Jeffrey Epstein accused in new sex traffick case

Experts uncover 38,000 year old engravings

Lack of sleep weakens immune system

Boys abused at furry parties by networks of men

Phone scam spreading with a simple ‘yes’

People boycotting Starbucks over hiring practice

Why do people take advice on anything from Warren Buffett

Jerry Seinfeld under heat for twitter post over black lives matter

US Government moves to shut down events or fine schools offering unequal social justice

Man behind alkaline diet facing jail time

Now sanctuary restaurants seek official status

California may label RoundUp cancer causing

Nearly one million non-US Citizens voted for Clinton

Pornhub viewership falls for women’s march

Idiot celebs attack themselves while attacking Trump

Owner of Yarn shop refuses to serve idiot protesters

Trump orders strict refugee screening

Study shows racial differences alter perception of vaccines

Monsanto Super-Weeds growing out of control

Lies about Trump are lies

Time Traveler Anne Frank center attacks Trump

Governor attacks alternative facts

1984 books sales increase

Study says humans are undeniably made of stardust – are we unique?

Department stores suffering from sales

Trump moves to pull US from TPP

Trump scales back Obamacare

CNN refuses to air White House press conference

Study linking RoundUp to major diseases

George Soros has connections to more than 50 of the groups at the women’s marches

Madonna promotes love with fucks, female liberation with blowjobs and peace with threats

Students gather to retain ‘climate change’ data

Contrast between inauguration crowds – media takes early picture to create consensus

Former sex slave sold into ritual abuse ring tells of horrors

CDC knew mercury was harming children documents reveal

Denis Hastert suing accuser for millions

USDA grants final approval for Monsanto/Scott GM Grass

America’s obesity problem by state

Millennial have bad views on GMO

Researchers say AI can help with internet connectivity

Drone strikes supposedly killed only 1 civilian in 2016

America dropped 21,000+ bombs in 2016

Global women protests against Trump spread

Thousands march for women 

Riot police tear gas masked mob of Trump haters

Anne Frank Center upset over America-Nazi comments

Chris Mathews calls Trump’s speech Hitlerian

Donald Trump concert crowed looked smaller than Obama

Empty seats along parade route for Trump

Manning freed by Obama in ploy to get Snowden

Trump protester sets self on fire

Letter from supposed 911 mastermind sent to White House

Ads offer money to agitate Trump inauguration

Police raid 50 Chinese factories for making counterfeit food

Pentagon successfully tests micro-drone swarm

Eight men control more wealth than half of the world’s poorest

Return of incandescent light bulbs as MIT makes them more efficient

Nutritionists say never do these things

Nuns have stronger immune systems with no sex

Government of Philippines ban PornHub access

Marijuana effective in treating pain but lacks science

Customers fleeing from Wells Fargo

Anti Biotic resistant infections conquered all 26 known types

Rusty back bumblebee declared endangered

Uber to publish trip data from customers

Another study destroys mainstream science’s theory of moon formation

Trumps Nazi comments seen as offensive

Trump considered a threat to human rights

Obama administration dropped 21,000+ bombs in 2016

VR causing nausea and is too costly

Selfie Drones now on the market soon

Dolphins in Florida have heightened amounts of Mercury

Brother of airport shooter in Florida says his brother was failed by US Government 

Hilarious sign posted by business owner over liberal ignorance

Trump says ‘stupid’ people believe Russian hacked the election

Mattel’s AI child friend similar to the Echo

Amazon to sell tv that speaks to you with AI

ADT using AI to lock smart home

Amazon wants a floating warehouse

CocaCola being sued over misleading consumers

Catholic priest accused of organizing orgies

CNN uses Fallout 4 screenshot to prove Russian hacking

Russian sanctions announced by White House

Facts force Washington Post to backtrack on Russian hacking

Russia being held responsible for supposedly hacking a US utility 

Your smart device could send you to jail

How to delete ‘smart’ conversations

Energy drinks putting soldiers at risk

Ford cancels massive plant in Mexico

Why don’t we stand with Turkey like Orlando or Paris?

Four dead in pesticide spraying incident

CNN fake Russian news story caught

Black lives matter offshoot embraces terrorism

Japanese company plans a fake meteor shower

Police want to use AI to solve a murder but Amazon won’t hand over data

2017 to be the year of smart home hacking according to experts

VR to offer non drug related methods of helping people

Man fights DUI charge for caffeine

Sever psychosis in author’s write up on GMO tomatoes

Nutritionists give ideas for a healthier 2017

Federal Court rules police can shoot barking dog

People trash iPhones when update comes out

Violence breaks out at malls across US

Dancing women for inauguration of President seen as sexist

Kansas school offering buttons with preferred gender pronouns

UFO Nazi base in the arctic

Half trump supporters think Clinton is involved in pedophilia

Israeli Prime Minsters investigated for fraud and bribes

Israel reducing ties with anyone voting against settlements

Israel focusing attention on anti-American attacks

Drexel professor slammed for ‘White Genocide’ christmas wish

Obama signs bill creating a ministry of truth

Automation an create new jobs, but how many will be lost

Kanye West dyes hair pink and yellow

Obamas birth certificate a fraud

U.N. demands end to Israeli settlements

What is good and bad in U.N. vote on Israel

Another person trying to make eating healthy seem like a punishment

Attorney General refused to prevent search warrant release of Clinton emails

US involved in election rigging all over the world

Congress says Obama obstructed sciences to advance climate agenda

Facebook fact checker accused of defrauding website

College students borrow far more money than they need

Congressman calls for investigation of John Brennan over media ‘hits’ against Trump

Facebook to allow users to flag what is considered ‘fake news’ based on opinion

DEA heroin bust largest in world

Media provides ways to decent against the president

20 States sue drug makers for price fixing

Is Donald Trump a threat to Democracy?

Putin involved in US election hacking some say

Obama warns Russia of hacking

FBI now backs CIA claims of hacking

More psyop from pizzagate story

Yahoo users – 1 billion – hacked phone numbers and emails

Amazon delivering packages officially drone

Autism linked with vitamin deficiency

Human tracking bill passes in House

Gummy Bears disgusting ingredient

Diet Sodas help you gain, not lose, weight

EPA wants to deregulate GM grass

Lean Cuisine is being sued for citric acid preservative false advertising

Judge says Russians not responsible for hacking, but possibly leaks from US Intelligence

CIA concludes Russia tried to help Trump win but did not necessarily ‘do it’

Putin directly blamed for election hacking in US

Judge rules electors must vote for state winner

DHS attempts to hack voting data base

Amazon offers shopping with no lines or workers

Kids being trained for digital economy

UFO witnessed by retired AF officer

Laced gummy bears makes kids sick

Nestle to reduce sugar in chocolate by using a new method

Sugar industry underwrites studies on sugar and obesity

Rapid Arctic ice melt sets the stage for economic disaster

Pizza gunman thought he was freeing sex slaves

Pizzeria Gunman from South Carolina goes to Washington to investigating conspiracy theory

Millions sign petition to overturn US election results 

Media claims fake news is spreading with fake job report

Two more books banned because of language

Twitter to suspend alt-right accounts

Fake news list

Google offers browse to block fake news

Idiots march to celebrate white power

Google & Facebook aim to takedown fake news

Ultimate fake news list from infowars

CBS labels infowars a fake news site

Russian propaganda helped to spread ‘fake news’

Apple investing heavily in autonomous technology

Credit Cards can be hacked in seconds

Facebook attempting to remove stigma of AI

Robotic stripper takes over Australia

Thanks to minimum wage fight, McDonalds to install more self-ordering kiosks

Women’s cancer expected to jump 60% by 2030

First CRISPR gene-editing takes place in humans

Climate Change considered a major security threat as consequences of human actions weighed

The real money maker of the IoT

Colleges looking to label themselves as sanctuaries

Stop lying to your children about Santa Clause, urge psychologists

Parallel Universes are interacting with each other

Time Travel is possible says scientists

Scientists create artificial human lung

External brain stimulation is possible without microchips

New textile leads to clothing that computes

FDA allows poison in food supply

Congress to vote on bill to speed up drug approval process

Nutritionist reveals best times to eat carbs

Obama to push hundreds of new regulations before leaving office

Fast food companies attempting to bring in new ‘healthier’ options

Russians supposedly spreading fake US news

Kanye West 911 tape released 

Kanye West hospitalized for Psychiatric Emergency after comments

Kanye West political rant after cutting concert short

Kanye West comes out of rehab with blonde hair

Kanye West compares himself to Rain Man



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