The Secret Teachings 9/20/17 – What’s the World Coming to? w/ Jack from MOI & Occult Engineering w/Clyde Lewis (LIVE Wednesday)

We are completely surrounded in a thick soup of constant deception and blatant lies. Furthermore, so many are ready and willing to lay down their morality in support of these deceptions, even when they themselves are harmed. They fight to protect their conquerers. So much of this suffering is brought about through artificial means and lack of perspective; feelings of helplessness and hopelessness.

Focusing attention on suffering generates the feeling of being surrounded by evil, as opposed to focusing on good and portraying the world as beautiful.

Tonight we are going to offer observations pertaining to today’s deceptive, greed based business world; military propaganda at sporting events, imbalanced priorities (NFL stadiums), the difficulty of trying to disseminate truth to the apathetic, people’s lack of being principled, and corrupt charity organizations. plus, advertising and business gate-keepers.

Witches have once again attempted putting a “binding” spell on the Presdient. The “Oracle of LA” as she is called insists that even saluting the flag or singing national anthem are acts of symbolic will and magic.

Magic is the direction of will through intention and perception. It is symbolic action intended to utilize the powers of imagination. Black Magic may be defined as selfishness and White Magic selflessness.

The dark arts though are associated with perverse will and the desire to cause harm to others, which may be relative. Eliphas Levi writes in Transcendental Magic of magicians: “He poisons himself in order that he may poison others ; he damns himself that he may torture othershe will poison and slay by the mere projection of his perverse willThe more difficult or horrible the operation, the greater is its power, because it acts more strongly on the imagination…” These “horrible’” operations are carried out not always by masked men in stereotypical black robes, but by former wife of Washington Post editor Sally Quinn, an occultist who put hexes on several people before they died. Self proclaimed witches by poisoning themselves to poison others, have attempted to place a curse on President Donald Trump.

Another massive 7.1 earthquake has also rocked Mexico, after an 8.1-8.2 struck the country, one of the largest in a century, at the beginning of September, With Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria, some of the strongest storms ever recorded, Climate Change is immediately blamed, yet the Sun, which influences climate and can trigger earthquakes and volcanoes, is ignored, being blamed only for cancer. Attention is dismissed from these facts, while people, and even the media, exploit ignorance and claims the world will end in a few days.

In the final hour an interview with Clyde Lewis will be aired from Liberty Beacon, featuring Ryan speaking with Clyde about Occult Engineering and the Technocracy.

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Ryan Gable is a veteran radio personality and producer for his show “The Secret Teachings." The show focuses on the Synchronicity of Alternative News, Health, and History, Philosophy, the Paranormal, Symbolism, the Occult/Esoteric, Alchemy, Magic(k), Politics and more, in the most distinct way. Approaching a decade of being on air, and having written six books, Ryan has also been a guest on dozens of broadcasts and networks, from CBS and Dark Matter to LNM, and is a frequent guest on Ground Zero. Ryan and “The Secret Teachings” are not aligned with any specific ideology so that they may stay fluid with information, as it is unveiled. He holds himself to the same standard and recommendations suggested on air, in relation to food or study, attempting to match the lifestyle of initiates in the ancient mystery schools; he focuses on critical thinking and objectivity as keys to understanding, utilizing and appreciating The Secret Teachings of All Ages. His comprehensive books include: “The Grand Illusion: Slaves to Perception,” “False Profits & the Lovers of Children,” ”The Persistent Illusion,” “The Technological Elixir,” and “Food Philosophy.”

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