The Secret Teachings 2/11/18 – MOrmON Worship & Saturn Rituals (LIVE Sunday)

This broadcast will feature a recap analysis of Ryan’s famous Super Bowl show with commercials, halftime and more. The symbolic interpretations and analysis will lead through psychological operations, advertisements and veiled ritual demonstrations. Ryan will examine the Mormon Temple in Salt Lake City, Utah, after having visited and researched the Church. The building and surrounding area is replete with sun symbolism, and symbols of the moon, goddess and Saturn. Below is a recap of the previous broadcast:

Host Ryan Gable will be discussing Super Bowl 52, the halftime show and commercials. For years, the analysis on this program and others the “Ground Zero” with Clyde Lewis (featuring Ryan), has been loved by few and ignored by most as nonsense. Over the years, interest in conspiracies has increased so that every event is predicted to be a satanic sacrifice of children prompted by the illuminati; so that even fast food companies like Taco Bell have capitalized on the sensationalism, which prompted even more conspiracies that the company is trying to alert the public or deceive them. Some halftime shows are more directly occult, and others are more subtle in nature, the latter being the case at Super Bowl LII. Whatever the observer sees, a more initiatic observation will almost always find deeper layers and inner circles of meaning, concealed behind veils of symbols and symbolic actions – magic.

Major events and minor alike, from the Super Bowl and Olympics, to watching football Monday night, is a ritual in the nature of how the average observer participates. It seems as if some expect to see Justin Timberlake or Lady Gaga sacrifice a child on stage and drink the blood for some internet prophecy of illuminati-satanic worship to be realized. Whether for political, corporate, or some darker reason concealed to the few, an even garnering the attention of hundreds of millions surely directs attention, and thus energy, towards a specific location to be utilized for various purposes by various groups or individuals. It is a mass-psychological test to determine how people react; what they will buy, focus on, support, and the like.

Follow Ryan through this two part analysis of ritual performances and symbolic meaning, to psychological operations, from Super Bowl 52 to Slenderman, and from Area 51 to the Mormon Church.

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Ryan Gable is a veteran radio personality and producer for his show “The Secret Teachings." The show focuses on the Synchronicity of Alternative News, Health, and History, Philosophy, the Paranormal, Symbolism, the Occult/Esoteric, Alchemy, Magic(k), Politics and more, in the most distinct way. Approaching a decade of being on air, and having written six books, Ryan has also been a guest on dozens of broadcasts and networks, from CBS and Dark Matter to LNM, and is a frequent guest on Ground Zero. Ryan and “The Secret Teachings” are not aligned with any specific ideology so that they may stay fluid with information, as it is unveiled. He holds himself to the same standard and recommendations suggested on air, in relation to food or study, attempting to match the lifestyle of initiates in the ancient mystery schools; he focuses on critical thinking and objectivity as keys to understanding, utilizing and appreciating The Secret Teachings of All Ages. His comprehensive books include: “The Grand Illusion: Slaves to Perception,” “False Profits & the Lovers of Children,” ”The Persistent Illusion,” “The Technological Elixir,” and “Food Philosophy.”

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