The Secret Teachings 12/2/17 – Saving Mankind: God, Medicine, UFOs & Technology PT 1 (NEW Saturday)

Cures for all disease and ailments have been peddled by charlatans for centuries. From snake oil to modern pharmaceutical medicine and from the elixir of physical life to quick-fix diet pills.
Doctors promise better health by often exploiting the vulnerable and naive, charging large sums of money and never truly guaranteeing their work, with some charging more for experimental forms of treatment; notice here that the word “cure” is rarely used. Modern medicine is about maintaining disease not curing it for the most part. But doctors are not the only ones falling into this category in their arrogant attempt to “save mankind.”
For as long as there have been these men and women, there have been others under cloak and faith whom have promised to save mankind from eternal damnation with literal depictions and stories of hell or other similar fates. They promise salvation vicariously through the further vicarious atonement of Christ-like figures.
Scientists and engineers have built incredible forms of technology; from skyscrapers and cars to computers and artificial intelligence. But have these developments made mankind smarter or wiser? Have they lead to progressive development or regression? Technology that could further human understanding and build a Platonopolis has been used to set fire to the world, bomb unsuspecting humans and destroy those very skyscrapers that make the skylines so powerful as a sign of human engineering. They promise the elixir of life through computers and technology, but deliver only ignorance and immaturity. Technology has become a rule rather than an exception or tool.
A new savior has emerged in the past few decades in the world of Ufology. These men and women claim to be in contact with other dimensional/worldly beings that promise to either destroy or “save mankind” from assured destruction. Ufology, as a blanketed category, has thus become a cult-like religion with angles (pleadians) and demons (reptilians), holy books (Sitchen), high priests (David Wilcox), and heaven (ascension) or damnation. Little proof is offered and the faithful must either believe or be condemned.
Looking into the heavens is incredibly awe-inspiring but our attention is brought down to earth with gadgets and gizmos. We want to look to the stars but are directed towards earth for answers from people with motives to prevent awe-inspiring gazers. We search for salvation from sin by attending institutions of religious power. We search for better health by visiting institutions of medical power. We even search for salvation through extraterrestrials or extra-dimensional beings who apparently only communicate with the most arrogant and egotistic of all humans who want fame and power above all else, the truth coming second. Some even search for salvation through “personality” on radio broadcasts!
Few places do we find any mention of self-empowerment, the taking of responsibility or the basic concepts of honesty, integrity, dignity, respect, morality, ethics, love, compassion or truth. In fact, it seems as if to act in any of these ways is to be considered the very opposite, while those embodying the black aspect of these virtues are painted in the purest “false” light. These men and women, like the medical establishment, news media, political system, scientist and engineers, the faithful, etc., will do anything to uphold their paradigm of what they call truth while simultaneously destroying all vestiges of truth, even if it is claimed they have the highest respect for the former.
Its time these tactics and con-artists are exposed for what and who they truly are.

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Ryan Gable is a veteran radio personality and producer for his show “The Secret Teachings." The show focuses on the Synchronicity of Alternative News, Health, and History, Philosophy, the Paranormal, Symbolism, the Occult/Esoteric, Alchemy, Magic(k), Politics and more, in the most distinct way. Approaching a decade of being on air, and having written six books, Ryan has also been a guest on dozens of broadcasts and networks, from CBS and Dark Matter to LNM, and is a frequent guest on Ground Zero. Ryan and “The Secret Teachings” are not aligned with any specific ideology so that they may stay fluid with information, as it is unveiled. He holds himself to the same standard and recommendations suggested on air, in relation to food or study, attempting to match the lifestyle of initiates in the ancient mystery schools; he focuses on critical thinking and objectivity as keys to understanding, utilizing and appreciating The Secret Teachings of All Ages. His comprehensive books include: “The Grand Illusion: Slaves to Perception,” “False Profits & the Lovers of Children,” ”The Persistent Illusion,” “The Technological Elixir,” and “Food Philosophy.”

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