The Secret Teachings 9/16/17 – Black Magic: Entertainment to Politics (LIVE Saturday)

With natural disasters, engineered weather, ersrophecy, and conditioned perceptions, many lack perspective of global events. Experiencing an earthquake or hurricane may create the reality that “the,” or more specifically “your” world is ending. But regardless of who or what, the “world” is not necessarily coming to an end for two reasons: …

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The Secret Teachings 12/18/16 – Secret Societies & Great Evils / Responsibility of Personal Health (LIVE Sunday)

12am EST / 11pm CST / 10pm MST / 9pm PST Call in LIVE: 1 208 650 4160 Listen & Chat – HERE Host Ryan Gable will exploring three main subjects in this dissertation, using philosophy and metaphor, to explore Secret Societies and Mystery Schools. The metaphor of our bodies as temples is used …

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The Secret Teachings 11/16/16 – Exploring Global Complexities w. Richard Grove (LIVE Wednesday)

12am EST / 11pm CST / 10pm MST / 9pm PST CALL IN Live – 1 208 650 4160 Host Ryan Gable welcomes Richard Grove, a corporate whistleblower, American conceptual artist and forensic historian, who frames his groundbreaking research into epic artistic representations to educate his audience. You can examine some of his …

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The Lies & Crimes of Hellary Clinton (An Archive)

Sociopath: “a person with a psychopathic personality whose behavior is antisocial, often criminal, and who lacks a sense of moral responsibility or social conscience.” If you support Hillary Clinton, you are aiding and abetting in the murder, rape, theft, war, lies and treason – if you are American – against the United States Republic & humanity!

The Secret Teachings 10/5/16 – Weather Control / Mike Libecki on the Yeti & Dyatlov Pass (LIVE Wednesday)

12am EST / 11pm CST / 10pm MST / 9pm PST CALL IN Live – 1 208 650 4160 Host Ryan Gable will be analyzing the deception/omissions behind ‘global warming-climate change’ propaganda, the Clinton WikiLeaks let down, more American water being bottled and sold, and other current events including weather control (see …

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The Secret Teachings 7/16/16 – Burning Penises in France, Olympic Rituals & 9.11 Report Release (LIVE Saturday)

12am EST / 11pm CST / 10pm MST / 9pm PST Host Ryan Gable will be discussing the ritualistic nature of the Nice, France, truck attack (including the extended state of emergency due to end), the separate burning of the Eiffel tower and the opening ceremony of the 2016 Rio Olympics on August 5th. …

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