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The Technological Elixir takes the reader on a journey through philosophy and technology in an effort to attain that coveted medicine of the alchemists by the way of objectivity and reason. As the subtitle suggests, you will be taken through a world-view of moderation in addressing the moral maturity of mankind in creating technologies such as AI, or those that may indefinitely sustain physical life. But to sustain material life in the inferior sphere is to prolong spiritual death in the superior planes.   

Ryan uses theology, science and philosophy to explore the technological advancements leading to augmented, virtual reality and artificial intelligence. Through the use of philosophical, objective analysis, while exploring the benefits of technology, Ryan addresses the rapid movement towards transhumanism.

Allegories and myths relating to immortality are addressed with a non-polarizing argument intended to bring balance back to those separate understandings, one reserved for the profane and another for those who are initiates of the great arcanum. Technology is a neutral tool and this book examines the benefits and consequences of its application through logic and reason. Let our consciousness not be swallowed by the great beast of material desires through the arrogance or ignorance of unbalanced progression.


“If you are content to be one of the “Sheeple,” the under-educated, drugged and media-mesmerized majority of U.S. citizens, then move along. Nothing to see here. But if you are one of those who disdains the Idiocracy that has replaced the U.S. Republic, then you must have The Persistent Illusion, Ryan Daniels’ extraordinary compendium of information necessary to make informed viewpoints. His depth of information, ranging from ancient lore and traditions to today’s toxic medicines and political conspiracies, is a must-have for both the newly-awakened and the savviest of researchers.”

Jim Marrs, Journalist and New York Times Best Selling Author

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The Secret Teachings is hosted by veteran radio host, researcher and writer, Ryan Gable. Named after the philosopher Manly P. Hall’s great work The Secret Teachings of All Ages, Ryan presents his own research and welcomes guests from around the world, including authors, investigators, activists and whistleblowers. The show focuses on the Synchronicity of Alternative News, Health (including GMO & Organic), Alternative (ancient) History, the Paranormal, Astrotheology (Religion & Astronomy), Transhumanism, Alchemy, Artificial Intelligence, Science, the Occult, Magic(k), Politics, Symbolism, Philosophy, the Esoteric, and the Secret Doctrine. No subject is off limits and because of this Ryan has been removed from two separate networks, including the Art Bell/Keith Rowland Dark Matter network and WPRK 91.5FM, for refusal to censor content relating to various subjects. - Ryan Gable is a film school graduate with a Bachelors of Science degree in film and audio production. He is a five-year plus radio host, producer, manager, writer, editor, and promotions director for his radio show The Secret Teachings, and author of four books, The Grand Illusion: Slaves to Perception, False Profit & the Lovers of Children, The Persistent Illusion, and The Technological Elixir. Ryan has also written for alternative health and paranormal magazines, although once the articles were complete the magazine publishers refused to publish the work because of its content. Some attempt censorship, but this fails due to his strict adherence to evidence or well controlled, patterned speculation. He also believes that tranquility is found when all sides to a situation are acknowledge.

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