False Profits & The Lovers of Children


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Ryan Gable’s second book examines religious history and tradition to parallel both institutional religion and pagan rituals, and to expose the darker side of modern religious practitioners who scoff at their pagan roots. 

Part of this is the uncovering of a worldwide network of narcotics, weapons, and human, trafficking from Presidential bloodlines to Buckingham Palace and the Vatican.

Other subjects include conjuring and the origins of communion. Ryan will throughout attempt to bring balance back to the world of male and female symbolism.


“This is a book that everyone must read. Its author shares my own dedication to those who are victims of the dark crimes of the powerful, and he speaks from a place of genuine understanding. It’s rare in our world for people of conscience to also possess the knowledge and courage that can not only make a difference, but actually elevate the capacity of those around them. I’m privileged to have met such a soul in Ryan Gable.”
He and I have known each other less than a year at the time of the publishing of this book, but in that time we’ve begun to co-host a new blog program, Radio Free Kanata, teach people about the hidden source of many of the crimes committed by those in power, and plan a documentary film together. In all of this contact, I’ve come to appreciate Ryan’s astute knowledge of the arcane and historical source of genocide, child sacrificial killings, and the daily assault on our liberties and our planet.
This book is Ryan’s latest, superb account of such things, and I heartily recommend it to all people who want to go beyond “mere activism”, and reshape our world and ourselves from the grassroots on the basis of a real understanding of what it is that we face.
Over the past twenty years, as my own compassion and zeal has led me to see the nature of the Beast behind so many Crimes against Humanity, I’ve recognized how global and systemic the evil that we are confronting is, and how pervasive is its hold on the minds of much of humanity. This makes Ryan’s work all the more important. I look forward to reading and sharing more of Ryan’s work, which is helping to turn the tide.”
Kevin Annett, author of Unrepentant Disrobing the Emperor & Unrelenting Between Sodom and Zion
Field Secretary for the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church & State
Timeline of events provided by author, radio host, and field secretary for the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State, Kevin Annett (Itccs.org)


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